Introvert Life: 30 Jobs For People Who Hate People

Non-Phone Jobs

Let’s face it, some jobs just fucking suck. The gigs I like to call “soul suckers.” The jobs where you constantly endure annoying coworkers, bitchin’ customers, crying kids and long mind-numbing hours. Jobs that force […]

85 Companies That Pay You To Write!

Writer Jobs

Ever thought about becoming a freelance writer? There are tons of babes who get paid to write from home! It’s pretty cool if you are looking for a way to make some extra cash. It’s […]


  • remote customer service
    Customer Service

    One Long Ass List Of Remote Customer Service Jobs

    (This list gets  updated constantly so be sure to bookmark this page and never miss a new customer service gig!) via GIPHY 1. Live Ops2. TeleTech3. Amazon4. Arise5. Sutherland6. VIPdesk Connect7. Concentrix8. Teleperformance9. Working Solutions10. [...]
  • Customer Service

    VIPdesk Customer Service Openings!

    For our customer service Babes out there, you’re gonna love this! VIPdesk Connect is looking for customer service representatives to assist consumers on their busy platforms. This gig is open to 21 locations! This one [...]