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7 Go-To Jobs For Digital Nomads!

Digital Nomad

Online Jobs For Digital Nomads Being a digital nomad means that you are always ready for your next adventure! But being ready for whatever requires that you always have a way of earning your next […]

Introvert Life: 30 Jobs For People Who Hate People

Non-Phone Jobs

Let’s face it, some jobs just fucking suck. The gigs I like to call “soul suckers.” The jobs where you constantly endure annoying coworkers, bitchin’ customers, crying kids and long mind-numbing hours. Jobs that force […]

Get Paid To Sell Your Makeup!

Sell Your Stuff

Find out how thousands of women are turning their gently used and unopened makeup into a quick way of making extra money. Okay, so we know what you are thinking – “People want to buy […]


  • Customer Service

    VIPdesk Customer Service Openings!

    For our customer service Babes out there, you’re gonna love this! VIPdesk Connect is looking for customer service representatives to assist consumers on their busy platforms. This gig is open to 21 locations! This one [...]
  • Customer Service


    The Helper Bees are hiring for remote technical support agents! If you aren’t familiar with The Helper Bees they are a start-up that works with insurance carriers matching older adults with caregivers. This is what [...]