Remote Jobs That Send You Equipment!

Hot Jobs

Girl, right now, it seems like everyone and their mamas are searching for jobs that they can do remotely. I mean, who can blame them, though? Working from home beats the hell out of being […]


Hot Jobs

You heard me, babes! Uscreen is hiring for multiple remote positions! These jobs are sizzling hot (cue fire emojis) and, I just had to put you guys on to this company. So, if you’ve been […]

Work From Home For Intuit Turbo Tax With Sykes!

Customer Service

Babes, it’s that time of the year again! Intuit Turbo Tax is teaming up with Sykes! Intuit is hiring hundreds of contract customer service agents. This contract opportunity will last through April 15th, 2021. Here’s […]


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    Getting Out Of Your Rut and Into Your Goals!

    We’ve all been there. The essence of FML accompanied by the redundant question of “Is this really my fucking life!? That depressed, low vibe (more like no-vibe), unmotivated slump! It blows. It gives you the [...]
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    15 Ways To Kick Depression’s Ass!

    The Beast that is Depression Depression is generally a hard battle to fight. Although we may seem depressed at times, actual depression is different from just the general sadness we feel. Depression is a mental [...]