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Girl, right now, it seems like everyone and their mamas are searching for jobs that they can do remotely. I mean, who can blame them, though? Working from home beats the hell out of being […]


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You heard me, babes! Uscreen is hiring for multiple remote positions! These jobs are sizzling hot (cue fire emojis) and, I just had to put you guys on to this company. So, if you’ve been […]

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Here you’ll find some of the hottest work from home jobs and side gigs of the day! Reviewed for quality and legitimacy, ALWAYS! Handpicked from around the web! via GIPHY Remote Jobs Hiring Today! April […]


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    FML! The Worst Jobs For People With Society Anxiety

    Working With Social Anxiety Social anxiety is a form of anxiety that specifically centers on a fear of social interactions. Individuals who suffer from social anxiety have difficulty with socializing and dealing with social events, [...]
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    9 Simple Ways To Stop Panic Attacks!

    Simple Ways To Stop Panic Attacks! Panic can attack anyone at any time. It is usually caused by panic disorder, depression or any other anxiety. During this state, one can show physical and emotional symptoms [...]