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get paid to text men

Welcome to the wonderful world of getting paid to send text messages.

The only job where you can tell a customer to go fuck himself and chances are he’ll do it!

The truth is, getting paid to text chat has its ups and downs. Like with any gig, you take the good with the bad. Don’t worry, texting jobs have way more advantages than disadvantages.

I know you’re probably thinking “Is texting for money even a REAL job??”

I mean, getting paid to send a flirty text message? Like, that’s a thing? People are actually making money answering text messages!?

The simple answer to all the questions above is FUCK YES. You can absolutely earn cash texting guys!

get paid to text men

In fact, getting paid to answer text messages is a very common job in the adult industry.

Some perks to text chat jobs are weekly pay, incentive bonuses, and the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

By this point, I’m sure you’re saying “Girl, wtf is the catch??”  Well let’s dive a little deeper, shall we?


First things first, this is adult work. Meaning you must be over the age of 18 with valid Identification. (Yes, all text chat jobs require you to show proof of your age.)

The concept of getting paid to text is simple. An adult text company hires contractors (in this case you’re the contractor) to chat with their customers about sex.

Customers may see an ad on a porn site that says something cheesy like “Meet horny women near you.” The customer then signs up, puts in their credit card information, and begins to browse the site for horny women to hook up with.

The “women” featured on the site are all fake profiles. Usually, stock photos of models that willingly sell their photos to the text chat company.

The men who text believe they are sending messages to the women featured on the adult site.

That’s where you come in! When a customer sends a message, you get paid to reply and carry on a conversation.

This line of work is all about providing a sexual fantasy via text message to strangers. But don’t worry, you will never meet or verbally speak to the guys you’re texting.

It does come off a bit on the shady side but it is 100% legal. Just always be sure to do your research on any texting job you decide to apply for.


These text chat companies literally pay you to pretend to be someone else. Yes. It’s like the show “Catfish” on a whole new level. Don’t tell Nev!

Pictures are provided to you of your “character” or “profile” who is typically a big breasted hottie who wants to flirt with “single” men in her area.

You’re basically a paid performer. Like a phone sex operator, without all the heavy breathing! The text chat platform will have all the information you need to play the part.

The platform contains details about “you” (the character/profile that you will be portraying.) As well as info about the customer (the guy paying you to text him). Such as name, age, dislikes, hobbies, marital status, etc.

Being a text chat operator will require you to do more than just send a few flirty text messages. You will be required to note the system of important information and read the previous text thread.

For example, if you tell a customer your name is “Maude and live in London” that will need to be noted. This way other text operators can see the profile already has a name and location picked by you. This will avoid duplicate messages being sent with conflicting information.

Getting paid to answer text messages works like one big messaging queue. Messages come in and you answer them one by one. Call center style- well minus the call part.

Is it Safe?

100% safe.

The best part about getting paid to answer text messages is privacy. The customer never sees your face or hears your voice.

None of your personal information or photos are ever exposed or compromised. Trust me when I tell you, these guys will never see you.

No phone numbers or social media names are ever exchanged. You’re strictly chatting with them through text messages on a web-based platform. Your IP address or location is never found or even visible to the customer.

Remember, you’re portraying a fictional character not yourself. With that being said, never give out your personal social media, phone number, or any information about yourself -ever.

It’s strictly prohibited in all text chat jobs.

Getting Started

Insider Secret: You don’t need an actual phone to text! Most text jobs require you to work on a computer.

The first thing you need to get started is a reliable internet connection and a laptop or desktop computer. As I mentioned earlier, this is adult work so have valid ID and be over 18 years old.

Absolutely no phone required. You will be logging into a web-based platform to answer text messages.

INSIDER SECRET: Most of these text chat jobs will use the same, if not very similar platforms. If you learn one text chat platform, it’ll be smooth sailing learning another one.


Believe it or not, the text chat industry alone is damn near a multi-million-dollar business!

The sad part about that is text chat operators only see pennies of that revenue. Seriously. Most text chat jobs pay between 0.05-0.20 US cents per message.

Don’t get me wrong, getting paid to text chat is a bomb ass side hustle. In my opinion, one of the easiest ways to supplement your current income. It is not a get rich quick scheme by any means.

My advice would be to try to find text jobs that pay between 0.11-0.20 cents. In my opinion, that’s going to give you the best payout for all your work.

You have to put in a lot of hours and reply to hundreds of messages to reap the benefits. In other words, this job will most likely only help you pay off a bill or two.

Payment Methods

Payment can be issued in different currencies so no need to worry if you are not located in the US. A lot of these text chat businesses are located overseas anyway.

Payment methods vary by company. Some only offer PayPal while others have bank transfers/direct deposits, checks, or Payoneer.

Dates of payment vary by company as well.  Most offer payout every week but a few will payout on a monthly basis.



Now, I am no tax professional by any means. So any advice given here is simply my opinion. You can do whatever you want, but here’s what I suggest:


I know it’s very tempting not to file. Mainly because not too many people even know these jobs exist. You are paid usually via PayPal or directly into your bank account. No check stubs and sometimes no invoices.

If you are making over $600 a year by texting. Just file it as administrative work for your 1099. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

And y’all know Uncle Sam, don’t play!


The good thing about a text chat job is that the hours tend to be flexible. Some texting jobs allow you to pick the days and times you are available to work.

Other text chat companies will require you to have a set schedule that could change by the week.

Texting jobs are a 24/7 operation so there should be no problem finding a text gig that fits your schedule.

Each texting job is different. So be sure to find out what sort of scheduling is offered before you apply.


In my experience, it has totally been worth it. How much you make is all about how much work you put in. Oh, and you will have to put in some work!

Roughly, I can bring in about $500 a week when I am glued to my laptop, caffeinated and motivated!

However, with some platforms, I make way less and bring in about an extra $300-400 a month.

Multiple factors go into just how much money you will earn as a text chat operator.

Such as the company’s pay rate, how much traffic is on the site, and if bonuses are offered. The truth about getting paid to text is overall it’s an easy way of earning extra money. This is one of my go-to side hustles.

Will you be able to quit your “real” job and become a millionaire from texting? Uh, most likely not. But can you make extra cash for clothes, booze, or makeup? Yes! Most definitely!

It may even help you save up for that margarita induced vacation you’ve been obsessing about. I mean, we won’t be on a national lock-down forever, right?

So, quitting your day job and using text chat as your primary source of income isn’t the best idea.


get paid to send text messages

This gig is not for the timid, or sexually shy. My advice, if you are new to the adult industry just have fun with it!

These guys will never see or touch you, so relax! Pour yourself a glass of wine and get in character. Just keep it fun, sexy, and simple.

Overall, getting paid to text guys online is a super cool gig. I highly suggest this for my introverted hustlers out there.

Remember never put all your eggs in one basket. The more side gigs you have, the better. Always keep text chat in your work at home arsenal.

The following text chat companies below are pretty good for beginners in the texting world.

This list will be updated regularly as more text chat jobs become available. Until then… Happy texting!

getting paid to text guys


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