Introvert Life: 30 Jobs For People Who Hate People

The perfect Jobs For Introverts

Let’s face it, some jobs just fucking suck.

The gigs I like to call “soul suckers.” The jobs where you constantly endure annoying coworkers, bitchin’ customers, crying kids and long mind-numbing hours.

Jobs that force you to be trapped with your overly talkative co-workers in an office all day. An office that strangely begins to resemble a jail cell the longer you work there.

Let me clear the air here and say, being an introvert does not at all mean you hate people!

Being introverted just means you prefer things to be more laid back and private. You value your peace of mind and cherish the power in silence.

So why continue to torture yourself listening to Mike in Sales talk about what he brought for lunch- again. Instead, check out this list of 30 introvert-friendly jobs.

These jobs require little to no supervision, are mostly work from home and give you the tranquil freedom we introverts love.


  1. Freelance Writer – Writing is the perfect job for an introvert! It provides a great income once you get established. You can set your own rates or ghost rate for agencies at a fixed rate. If you are interested in starting a career as a Freelance writer, start with reading 30 insanely profitable writing jobs for beginners
  2. Photographer– The opportunities are endless when you become a photographer. Get paid to take photos and sell them to content sites, businesses, and bloggers. This gig may require you to travel and engage with people, depending on your photography niche.
  3. Virtual Assistant– VA’s can make a substantial income, with little to no human interaction. You can either work for virtual assistance job sites or build a business and find your own clients and admins!
  4. Graphic Designer- If you have a lot of creativity and can take written direct well. Graphic design is an awesome job for an introvert. You can build a portfolio and immediately begin to market yourself. This job usually requires experience and broad knowledge of graphic design.
  5. Data Entry– Speedy fingers? Data entry jobs pay you to type update databases and enter sensitive information for companies. Medical billing and coding is an example of a popular data entry job. Some data entry work requires extensive training and certifications.
  6. Transcription– Typically hired to transcribe spoken words to written text. Documents are sent and submitted via email or online platforms. In addition to that, if you are bilingual you may also want to consider becoming an interpreter as well.
  7. Accountant– If numbers are your thing then consider being an accountant. People will pay you big money to work out their finances or business budgets. Most work is done from home and you rarely have to work about someone strong critiquing your work. Accountants can make upward $70,000 a year.
  8. Dog Walker/Sitter– Introverts who love animals should consider becoming a dog walker or sitter. You will have some interaction with the dog’s owners but other than that it’s just you and the pups! You can start your dog sitter service or sign up on sites like Rover who help you find clients.
  9. Amazon FBA Seller– This job here requires a little setup but once you get it started it’s easy money! Sell products on amazon or start drop shipping to make it a breeze!
  10. Private Chef- Introverts who love cooking are encouraged to think about working as a private chef. This is great for those of us who love working in restaurants or with food but hate dealing with the crowds and busy “back of house” life.
  11. Lab Technician– If you are comfortable with the sight of blood, being a lab tech might be a good fit for you! Analyze or process blood and other bodily samples from hospital patients. This job does not require you to speak to any patients regarding their results. Certifications in combination with some experience are required.
  12. CDL Driver– Ever thought about driving a truck for a living? Introverts who enjoy the open road and have great maneuverability skills would be great at this! CDL drivers spend roughly 80-90% of their time alone, depending on the job. Training and Commercial Driver License needed.
  13. Dating Profile Writer– Yes, you read that correctly. Getting paid to create an intriguing dating profile for someone. Most profile writers are freelance but there are some companies that will pay you to create these profiles for their customers.
  14. Adult Modeling– If you are the kind of introvert who is comfortable with nudity and sexually open-minded. Adult modeling could be what you have been looking for. Sell your pictures, audio or unique videos to horn-balls online. You never have to show your face if you don’t want to and your information is always kept private. If your interested in that kind of work, check out 14 Sites that pay you for your nudes.
  15. Chat Agents– In this gig, you will be assisting customers online with general inquires or tech support. Usually, you are not required to talk on the phone to any of the customer’s you assist. Chat agents can earn anywhere from $10-15/hr.
  16. Remote Recruiter– Helping others find work can be one of the most rewarding feelings there is. As a remote recruiter, you will reach out to potential candidates to match them with open jobs in the area. If the candidate successfully lands that job, you receive a commission!
  17. Embalmer- Some introverts, are way more afraid of the living than the dead. If that’s you consider working as an embalmer or mortician. This industry will have a lot of opportunities and involves schooling, plus certifications.
  18. Stylist– For the fashion-obsessed becoming a stylist is a great choice. Build clients and earn cash helping them look their absolute best. You can even find work from home stylist gigs with zero experience!
  19. Mental Health Counselor– Help others fight through depression and other mental health issues. You can work from home doing this or with a contract with hospitals and mental health agencies. Degree and certifications required for this job.
  20. Online Moderator– Work from home as an online moderator. You can work for forums, dating sites or blogs. Moderating comments and user content.
  21. Social Media Manager– Similar to being a moderator, as a social media manager you are responsible for updating and monitoring a client’s social media account. Some experience may be required but finding these gigs are usually pretty easy.
  22. Digital Marketer– My favorite job for introverts! You can a ridiculous income as a digital marketer. Learn how to target audiences through ads, email lists, and social media. This job is done completely online and unlimited
  23. Web Developer– Program websites and create codes. This gig is usually freelance and works from home. Web development experience is a must.
  24. Voice Over Artist– With minimal equipment needed you can earn a little providing voice over work for books, blogs, business, and other projects. Set your own rates and work pretty much whenever the hell you want! You can also get paid to narrate audiobooks.
  25. Own a Porn Site– This one might catch you by surprise but you can get paid for posting OTHER peoples porn. This is totally legal and requires no real interaction with people. Some porn site owners can make 6 figures or more! Search “Starting an adult tube site” on google.
  26. IT Professional– Anything in IT is going to bring in good money. This job is ideal for tech-savvy, introverts who have a passion for complex problem-solving. IT experience is needed for most Tech jobs out there but some are willing to train.
  27. Housekeeper– For the most part you are cleaning up by yourself while home or business owner is away. Housekeepers can make $11-13/hr. You can also consider creating your own cleaning service and hiring independent contractors to work as housekeepers.
  28. HeadHunters– Similar to a recruiter, a headhunter helps clients find highly skilled employees to fit their open jobs. Headhunters usually get paid a lot more than recruiters do. In most cases, this is because of the high skill level of candidates the client is looking for.
  29. Proofreader/Editor– If you have an eye for detail or excellent grammar, proofreading is a solid career choice. You can work for a business or freelance.
  30. Personal Trainer– For introverts who love fitness, give personal training a shot! Work one on one with your client or provide services through online videos and coaching sessions.

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