11 Crazy Profitable Writing Jobs, You Can Start TODAY!

Being a new writer in 2020 isn’t easy. With so many scammers putting out spun or plagiarized content, securing a profitable freelance writing job can be a little tricky.

Nowadays, in the freelance writing world, a real writer will have to work extra hard to get writing gigs they can actually live off of.

But have no fear! Here are 11 profitable freelance writing sites that you can actually live off of! And, the best part? You can start all these writing jobs today!

1. iWriter

This site is great because it gives the writer the chance to pick the articles they want to work on, without having an epic bidding war with other writers. When you pick a piece it is yours! Pay average for a beginner can start anywhere from $200-300 a week. The more you write, the more you can earn. As you start to build a clientele you will earn access to hirer paying articles.

2. Freelancer

This site does not only specialize in writing gigs but graphic design, video editing, SEO jobs and more. The freelance writing jobs on this site are high paying but the competition is extremely fierce. Writers on this site are estimated to make about $70-150 per article. Bidding is involved, but I have known a few newbies who market the hell out of themselves, become very successful on Freelancer.

3. Guru

This site is similar to Freelancer, but in my experience has more ghostwriting jobs for larger projects, like ebooks and scripts. You also are able to apply for jobs more often in Guru; your proposal numbers move up faster. Many Guru content buyers advertise the option of having longer-term jobs if the first project goes well. So, it’s fairly easy to build a good rapport with high paying clients. Guru offers a premium plan for those writers willing to pay for more lucrative opportunities. The average pay for premium writers ranges from $300-500 per 1000 word article.

4. Upwork

This is my favorite of all the bidding sites out there. Different projects cost different amounts of bids. This can be nice because when first starting you may only want to bid for small writing jobs to get positive ratings. Later as you gain more feedback you will be able to work much larger paying writing gigs. Typical pay is estimated to be $16-24/hr.

5. PeoplePerHour

Some people have mixed feelings about this site but I have made great money on it. Peopleperhour encourages freelancers from various career fields to join their platform. The cool thing is you can set your own prices and rates for your services. Pay has a broad scale for writers, estimated at $12-150 per piece.

6. Textbroker

Textbroker is very similar to iWriter. You get to choose whatever project you want to work on without any bidding. Textbroker is a bit more stringent to get into, however, the pay is much better than iwriter. I also noticed the clients on Textbroker expect higher quality writing pieces than other sites. Estimated pay $20-300 per article.

7. Cultured Vultures

This site allows you to write about almost anything related to pop culture. They are mainly non-fiction articles, but they do accept short stories and poems. You are paid based on how many views your piece gets. Pay can start off a little low but as you write and gain more attention, your earnings begin to increase. Awesome site for newbies just starting out! The application process is pretty straight forward and easy.

8. Blasting News

So this site is dedicated to the journalist who are obsessed with getting the full story! Similar to Cultured Vulture, you will get paid based on how many views your writing receives. The site says you can earn up to $1000 per article (with massive views of course). They also have a chance for you to get up $25 for signing up to write for them.

9. Skyword

A little different from the other freelance writing jobs listed. This site requires you to complete a detailed profile of your skills and experience. Skyword will then match your skills to the writing jobs they have available. No Bidding or choosing your own job for this one. The pay is estimated to be about $20-100 per article.


Expectations are very high with this writing gig, so bring your A-game! The application process is much more difficult than others and charges you a $19 application fee to apply. This might turn some people off, but if you can make it through the application process, you are golden! Pay here can go as high as $100-300 per project.

11. DotWriter

This site takes pieces you have already written and helps you find a place to sell them as is. They mainly take essays and non-fiction pieces on topics that may be useful for a student or business. Just because you can upload anything doesn’t mean just anything will sell. Whatever you submit should be pieces of your best work. It can take a few days (in my case a week) to approve the submitted articles. You also have the opportunity for clients to specifically request you to write for them. This is usually where all the money is, a writer can earn $80-150 per article with some clients.

Don’t Give Up!

Landing freelance writing jobs that actually pay can be an uphill battle for some new writers. Trust me I been there and survived it! And you will too! If you are willing to do a bit of leg work in the beginning (so much leg work people will ask if you skipped arm day!) You will start making great money as a freelance writer.

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