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Amazon Work From Home Jobs You Never Knew Existed

Amazon is a renowned e-commerce retail store that is a giant in the online industry. With an abundant increase of clientele, Amazon has had the ability to open multiple businesses and fulfillment centers all over the world.

Amazon is one of the most trusted, if not the most trusted online retailer there is. With its continued growth Amazon has, in turn, needed a more significant workforce to handle various tasks to ensure it’s customer satisfaction.

With that in mind, Amazon has introduced Amazon work from home jobs. Work from home jobs, as you all should know, are jobs that are done by an employee remotely in the comfort of wherever in the world they may be.

Amazon hires thousands of virtual employees primarily to work in the customer care service area. Infamously known as a call center position.

Though this is the most commonly available job, it doesn’t mean it is the only work at home job Amazon offers. There is quite a colorful variety of Amazon online jobs available if one qualifies for them.

These opportunities are available for both full time and part-time employees. Most of these work from home gigs for Amazon requires you to be located in the United States.

Remote Jobs From Amazon

Amazon hires virtual call center agents to handle customer queries and complaints. This gig can be part-time or full time, depending on the applicant’s preference. Amazon call center jobs are specific to the listed states on the amazon job official page. If on-site training is needed, training is provided and listed on the job description. An hourly wage of $15 is reported for Amazon’s work from home call center agents. Health care benefits are also included after an indicated period of working.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is said to be not as consistent as other online jobs from Amazon. The position requires the employee to go to a specific website to do a small task. Tasks and payments are not always guaranteed on this platform. These tasks can take 5 to 15 minutes to complete. Payments can be made through amazon payments, which can be transferred to your bank account or be claimed to amazon using an Amazon gift card. I would recommend this for college students or anyone who enjoys microtask work.

For anyone who has desires of being their own boss and working from home, this is the best amazon gig for you. It does not require a specific learned skill set but a good eye for the product. Amazon FBA (fulfillment by amazon) requires you to source products from various places and send them to amazon for packaging, storing and customer service. It’s then your job to promote your product and bring in sales. The earning from this gig is quite handsome, and it all depends on how many sales you can rack in.

If you have a substantial social media following, Amazon has a great way of helping you capitalize on it. Once an Amazon Influencer account is created you can begin to promote products on Amazon you think your audience would buy. As expected, strong social followings on Facebook, Instagram, twitter or youtube are suggested. Also, social engagement statistics are a huge deciding factor in Amazon’s influencer program.

For those of you who love designing and creating, here is a gig for you. This is an invitation-only gig where you get to design various T-shirts and deliver the designs to amazon. Amazon prints them out and handles the sales of the shirts. For every purchase, you are paid royalties. There could be a long stretch of time after completing the application. Amazon only sends invites once they have room for new talent.

The amazon flex app is very similar to Uber and DashDoor apps but more flexible and manageable. For this job, one needs a car and a smartphone as basic vital requirements. This job entails pickups and deliveries from Amazon Fresh, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Restaurants. Just indicate the times you are available to pick up packages and deliver them on the amazon prime app. Payment ranges from $18 to $25 per hour.

If you have an eye for creative writing, you may have just found your new career. Using Amazon Kindle, you can write and publish your own work in no time. You can make up to 70% royalties on your ebooks and 60% with paperbacks. This also comes with the right to quote the price of your creative work exclusively. Publishing takes 24-48 hours to millions of Amazon Kindle readers. Dope, right?

Amazon’s online trade-in program is a way to earn cash and get rid of unwanted shit in your house at the same time. This mainly concentrates on electronic appliances that can be re-used. You can also trade-in books, devices, machines, video games, and so much more. However, a lot of precaution is to be taken to make sure the stuff in question is in good working condition. After submitting a trade-in on the Amazon app or website and quoting the trade-in value, print the free shipping labels. Then you will be ready to ship to your customer! Instant pay can be requested or pay between 10-12 days.

One of my favorite ways to earn money from home working for Amazon. The Amazon Associates program allows you to make money through affiliate links. Anytime someone uses your link to buy something from Amazon you get a commission! Even if they don’t make buy anything until days later, you still get paid! You can also buy ad space and use social media to bring in some major sales!

I mean, like who doesn’t love a reason to shop on Amazon?

Amazon Work From Home Hiring Process

The method of acquiring such a situation is quite tiresome but manageable, and below, we break it down for you.

  1. Hop on where you find numerous open work from home positions
  2. Browse open positions and select a job that you are interested in. Read the requirements and expectations.
  3. Upon fulfillment of the requirements, you click on the apply now button to the upper right-hand side.
  4. Once you have clicked the apply button, a few identifying questions will pop up, and you are to agree or decline to continue.
  5. Following the application process and submission, you will be told to wait for a potential phone call interview request. On rare occasions an in-person interview will be requested. This depends highly on the position you have applied to.
  6. Assuming you passed the application and interview process. A job offer via email is then made. Typically you will begin training within a week of the job offer.

Bottom Line

Amazon’s work from home jobs provides some of the safest, reliable forms of making a living online in 2020. With plenty of jobs to choose from, you can easily find something that fits your skill set.

Still not a believer? Visit HERE to browse more work at home jobs from Amazon. With great paying jobs like these, it’s no wonder why everyone tried to keep them a secret!

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