How I Made $700 In One Day as a Dog Walker! And How You Can Too!

get paid to walk dogs

What if we tell you that you can make money by just walking someone’s dog? It sounds fricken awesome, right?!

Girl, that’s because it is! Dog walking jobs are ridiculously easy to find and pay pretty good, too. You can become part-time or even a full-time dog walker or sitter.

So, if you are interested in how to be a dog sitter or how to pull it off, we have brought you some tips and some websites where you can get paid to become a dog walker or dog sitter in a matter of hours!

Details Of The Gig

Being a dog walker or dog sitter is a great job for animal lovers anywhere around the world. You are paid simply to dog sit animals while their owners are out of town or at work. The same goes for services that pay you to walk dogs. You are paid a fixed rate to walk someone’s dog while they are out.


No one is saying you have to be a dog expert or anything. However, the better you are with the animals the better chance you have of getting a hefty tip from the dog owner. Or being rehired again by the customer. So always treat the dogs with the utmost care and patience.


Part-time or full-time the ways to earn as a dog walker or dog sitter is limitless. Obviously the full-time option will help you make more money, but part-time is what most people opt for since it’s so flexible.

Other factors for making money as a dog sitter may include the number of dogs you are caring for, time duration, etc. The more dogs you watch and the longer the duration means you can earn a higher service fee.

Commonly the least amount of money you can earn from dog walking is about $15 per hour walk (1 dog).

Which adds up pretty quickly. If you walk a dog multiple times in one day, say 5 times, you earn $15 x 5 (hours) = $75 per day.

Now calculate that on a weekly basis, you can easily earn $525 for 7 (days) x $75. Just imagine if you take 2-3 dogs out for 40 hours a week or more! The earning potential could skyrocket.

Some dog walkers can earn as much as $2000 a week! I tried dog walking fo a few months and had similar results.

I once made $700 in one day, all from dog walking! It was an incredibly busy day and I had over 6 active dogs but it was well worth it.

Not too bad, for kicking it with Fido and Muffy the Poodle all day.

Best sites to find dog walking jobs

Options are plentiful when it comes to Dog walker jobs. Check out the list of best available dog sitting jobs online who are now hiring!

The Wrap Up

There you go, a list of most reputed and reliable sites that can help you find dog walking jobs with great salaries.

There are many factors that may come into play when choosing a dog sitting platform. Make sure to have a look at each factor and compare different platforms to get the most suitable or beneficial dog walking job.

Good Luck, babes!

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