5 Juicy Tips For Becoming A Digital Nomad

Becoming A Digital Nomad

5 tips on becoming a digital nomad

Before modern civilization, it was the norm to move around vast territories following seasons for one reason or another.

But with the shitty reality of the day to day rat race, the need to satisfy our desires as well as living a life filled with travel and flexibility has obsessed us even more.

Some have continuously envied the digital nomad lifestyle. Seeing that girl they went to high school with posting pics basking in the evening sun on an island in Bali with her laptop and a margarita, makes people wonder how they can become digital nomads too.

The fact is working remotely is not all about working from anywhere in the world as you get your sun goddess vibes on, It comprises of much more than that.

As much as you may want to start your dream nomadic lifestyle right now, you need to have a plan before anything.

Unless you are filthy rich or relishing the fruits of some passive income, you may have some questions. Like, “how I am going to take care of my expenses as I travel as a digital nomad”? Or “What can I do to earn money as a digital nomad?” It’s a lot to consider before choosing this lifestyle.

Before you think I am going to talk about some scheme on getting rich quick, let me stop you there. There is no precise blueprint on how to achieve this coveted freedom. What works for some may not work for others.

For instance, a nomad can live a comfortable lifestyle in Thailand with an income of around $12,000 a year but would fail to do that in expensive cities like Paris or London with the same pay.

Believe it or not, achieving the goal of being a digital nomad is not that hard, after all. You can begin in a matter of weeks if you wanted!

The following are steps you can follow to achieve this sought-after lifestyle.

1. Create Solid Plans and Follow Them Dutifully

Contrary to public insight, for this type of lifestyle to be a reality, you need to be committed to make concrete plans and have the discipline to follow them. For example, planning on your ideal location, the duration of time you want to spend there, and at what length you are willing to go to make it happen is a great way to start your nomadic journey.

Preparing a to-do list, no matter how routinely and repulsive to a nomad it may seem, is an essential feature in getting your shit done. Anyway, the good thing is that you have 100% control of your routine.

Also, it is imperative to have a plan B in case what you have in mind does not pan out. Having a back u plan does not mean quit pursuing your dream of becoming a digital nomad. It just gives you the leeway to reset your ideas and start again fresh.

Planning on things like healthcare insurance is very necessary if you are to become a digital nomad in the long run. Likewise, do some research on the countries you are visiting to understand local laws and regulations.

At the same time, have someone you can reach out in case you get injured or sick while on your nomadic expedition.

2. Tone Down On Long Term Things That Tie You Down

This aspect involves identifying the items in your day to day life that are tying you down to a single place for a long time. An excellent place to start looking is if you have a long term lease on your car or apartment.

Similarly, this is the ideal time to get rid of unnecessary expenses like Fitness center memberships, or any other needless subscriptions to make funds available since you will need them for your journey ahead.

In addition to all this, know that traveling as a digital nomad requires you to bring along light things. Hence get rid of any cumbersome possessions that you may have.

At this stage, ensure you have put together repayment plans in case you may have outstanding debts. Also, because of increasing interest rates, make sure you have gotten rid of any needless credit cards you have.

This element applies to things like student loans and any other issue that may bring stress to you as you embark on your journey.

3. Identify and Capitalize Your Skills

This step is the phase where you identify your digital skills, ideally those that can make you good money. Luckily, being able to use a computer in this day and age is more than enough to earn a great income working remotely.

However, having the necessary skills will not give you the nomadic lifestyle you desire. It would help if you increased your skill level, especially learning high-income talents to attract high paying online gigs. Basic skills that will make you some income include marketing, web design, writing, and even teaching languages like English, mainly if you are a native.

4. Take up Freelancing

Once you have recognized your digital expertise, it is time to develop and gain experience. Joining a good freelancing site will assist you in your journey in being better at what you do.

This strategy is, by far, the easiest way to get yourself multiple jobs almost immediately. By the click of a mouse, you can join as many sites as you can. Most of these sites are free to join, for instance, Upwork, Freelancer, and other content mills.

In fact, most digital nomads start from this point. Once joined into a freelance site, they start earning small amounts and then choose whether to develop that skill into a full-fledged business or continue to look for other similar gigs to continue working on.

5. Link Yourself to an Online Digital Nomad Community

Linking with a group of like-minded individuals is a smart way to get free advice from experienced veterans in the field.

You can easily find these communities on social media like Facebook or even Whatsapp.

These teams will give you the motivation to kick ass and take risks and, at the same time, make you ready for digital nomadism.

You’re On Your Way!

If you truly want to become a digital nomad, you will need to set goals, work your ass off, and with a little consistency, you can get there in a few weeks.

Since there is no Holy Grail path to nomadism, your progress will depend on your skill set, determination, and ability to set plans and see them through to completion.

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