The Beginners Guide To Becoming A Virtual Assistant

become a virtual assistant for beginners

Beginners Guide For Virtual Assistants

One of the most in-demand work from home jobs on the market right now is virtual assistant work.

Simply put a virtual assistant is a remote freelancer or independent contractor who provides their administrative services to a small business or entrepreneurs.

VA’s can also specialize in social media management, marketing, customer service and more.

Virtual assistant jobs can be a phenomenal source of income. Most virtual assistant beginners can start off making $10-13 per hour.

If you have killer admin skills and other qualifying experience you can make double that amount easily!

What Do You Need To Be A Virtual Assistant?

If you have strong organizational skills and know your way with computers, then virtual assistant work would be a job for great you.

You’ll need to be self-motivated and have serious time management capabilities.

For some virtual assistant jobs, you will need a headset for inbound and outbound calls.

The basic things you will need are of course a computer/laptop, internet connection and in most cases a landline.

What Exactly Does A Virtual Assistant Do?

A virtual assistant helps out with the client’s tasks. You will be answering phone calls, emails, do data entry, manage your client’s schedule, and other tasks.

Depending on what the client’s needs are you may also be monitoring their social media accounts by responding back to customer comments or uploading content.

The possibilities are endless when becoming a virtual assistant. So the more diverse your skills are the easier it will be to market yourself.

Beginner Friendly Virtual Assistant Jobs

If you think you have what it takes to work as a virtual assistant, then check out the list below of virtual assistant jobs perfect for beginners!

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This is a good company to start as a virtual assistant. Starting pay is around $10 per hour. They are looking for individuals who possess unique skills and talent. However, they did not specify what exactly the qualification they are looking for. But you can try to apply if you want to start with this company. This company appears to only offer part-time hours.


They offer unique tasks for their virtual assistants. You will need to perform research to collect data for clients. They can pay from $8 to $24 per hour depending on how much work you have to do. Most researchers earn around $2,000 per month and they pay bi-weekly through PayPal. If you want to have a unique virtual assistant experience, then you can try to apply with Wonder. This might be the job that you have been looking for.


The rate they offer is from $13 to $19 per hour. They hire webmasters, virtual assistants, bookkeepers, and content writers. They are looking for experienced individuals and it’s a 100% remote work position. This can be the perfect company for you to start working as a virtual assistant. The tasks they need to fill in varies so you will not get bored doing a mundane task. It can be challenging yet rewarding work so it’s a good place to start.

Virtual Gal Friday

You can earn an average of $12.50 per hour from this company. They also hire you as an employee instead of a freelancer. So you have a bit of job security and benefits. Virtual Gal Friday hires virtual assistants for the medical field as well as administrative. You will be answering phone calls, emails, and other tasks.

Red Butler

Red Butler’s estimated pay for virtual assistants is between $12 to $15 per hour. Your rate will depend on your skills and experience. Since they hire a wide variety of virtual assistants, you have a strong chance of getting hired through them. They need virtual assistants for managing email accounts, graphics design services, accounting work, article and blog posting and more.

Time Etc.

The starting pay at Time Etc is around $11-16 per hour. Their requirements to qualify as a virtual assistant is pretty easy. As long as you have relevant experience, you can have a good chance of getting hired. They also offer flexible working hours so you can decide what time of the day you want to work.

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands are looking for virtual assistants with excellent communication skills and great organization. The application process is annoying with a lot of assessments, but once you’re hired it’s worth it. The estimated pay rate is up to $16 per hour. You can set your own schedule so that’s a plus!

WorldWide 101 (Boldly)

One of the better paying virtual assistant gigs out there. Pay is between $18-$20 per hour based on your skillset and qualifications. Although this company is looking for at least 7 years of corporate experience. It’s a great opportunity for those with administrative skills who want to give it a try working remotely. You will need high-quality references and a high score on your qualifying assessments, during the application process.

Virtual Office VA

This is a good opportunity for virtual assistant beginners as they pay $9-12 per hour initially. Make sure that you can handle making many phone calls since they offer more phone-based virtual assistant work. They are open to both part-time or full-time work. For this gig, you have to be located in the United States with reliable internet, a computer, and a headset.


Starting a career as a virtual assistant is a great work from home career. It gives you the flexibility and control to create an ideal work environment, that separates you from the everyday rat race.

Ready to become a virtual assistant? Tell us in the comments which one of these companies you plan on applying to first!

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