7 Go-To Jobs For Digital Nomads!

7 Go To Jobs For Digital Nomads

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Online Jobs For Digital Nomads

Being a digital nomad means that you are always ready for your next adventure! But being ready for whatever requires that you always have a way of earning your next buck!

These 7 go to jobs for digital nomads will guarantee that you always have a way of making money while your on go and deciding your next move as a nomad!

1. Start a Blog

Blogging is one of the top ways to make a living online. Not only can blogging provide you with a substantial income, but it can be a long term source of revenue as well. Bloggers can make money on their websites from affiliate programs, ad networks, sponsored content, selling services and more! Blogging is one of those online gigs I highly recommend if you are a digital nomad. The earning potential could be insane!

2.Freelance Writer

Freelance writing for a digital nomad is pure gold. Anyone can become a writer, and if you have a real passion for writing then you will definitely succeed with freelance writing. You can set your own rates, and build up your clientele so you have constant work coming in.

For beginners, content mill gigs would be a great place to start your freelance writing journey. Most content mills have a place for every skill level, as long as you can write without grammatical errors. And even, if your grammar is a little on the crappy side, you can download free writing software, like Grammarly that will help you catch those little mistakes.

Freelance writing for digital nomads is a no brainer! This online job should always be in your bag of tricks when it comes to making money as a digital nomad.

3.Affiliate Marketing

Being an affiliate marketer just means that you sell other people’s products or services and get a commission for every sale. You don’t even have to have a website to start affiliate marketing.

This gig is ideal for digital nomads because there is always a business seeking affiliates to sell their stuff! Use social media, email lists, ads, and other platforms to find customers.

You can also register on an affiliate market place like Clickbank to find affiliate offers to promote. Digital nomads can make a killing becoming affiliate marketers, and generate an awesome passive income.

4. Write and Publish E-books

E-book writing is among the best-paying digital nomad job you will come across. Instead of spending an entire afternoon trying to come up with a caption for your Instagram pictures, you can use that time to do some research and come up with useful information to create an e-book about.

Amazon Kindle store is the most advance platform to you can publish your e-books and make stupid money. You will not only have the local market to shop for your e-book but the international market as well.

The Amazon Kindle app can be downloaded on any device, including smartphones, iPads, and laptops. So, there is a pretty much a guaranteed market for your e-books.

This gig does require more time and effort than others, but it is another one of those sweet digital nomad jobs that will always be here to help you earn.

5. Become An Online Tutor

Online tutoring is growing day by day, and you can make a steady income by teaching students online as a digital nomad. You may have to have adequate experience or even a degree for some online teaching jobs.

There are some that will pay you just to teach children in other countries how to speak English. Being an online tutor/teacher is one of those online jobs that will forever be available for digital nomads.

Finding an online tutor job is easy if you do your research and find a tutoring job that fits your skills and schedule.

Online tutors have the freedom of working anywhere and usually make a surprisingly high hourly rate. This is the perfect job for digital nomads who love to teach, yet still want to enjoy the freedom of traveling the world.

6.Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, your work will be to provide online support, for businesses and brands around the world. Basic admin and customer service skills are needed for most virtual assistant jobs.

Earnings for virtual assistant digital nomads start anywhere from $12-16 per hour. This rate could be higher if you are in the position to set your own prices for your services.

Virtual assistants are in demand more than ever before. This is good news for digital nomads who rely heavily on dependable work like this to keep them afloat while on their journey.

7.Customer Service Agent

Depending on your living arrangement as a digital nomad, online customer service jobs might be the jobs for you. Being a remote customer service agent is a definite way of making bank as a nomad.

Having someone to handle customer inquires and complaints will be something every business needs eventually. That’s why this why it is gravy gig for a digital nomad looking for a trusted way to make money every month.

For most customer service jobs you will need access to a landline and a strong internet connection. Pay depends on what company you decide to work for. But roughly it can range between $12-16 per hour for remote agents.

And The List Goes On…

As you can see there are plenty of dependable ways to earn money as a digital nomad. Don’t limit yourself to just one stream of income.

The possibilities for creating the money you need as a digital nomad are never-ending! Just get creative! If you’re a newbie and still wondering how to get started as a digital nomad, check this out!

What would be your go-to way to make money as a digital nomad? Let us know in the comments!

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