FML! The Worst Jobs For People With Society Anxiety

Worst Jobs For Social Anxiety

Working With Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a form of anxiety that specifically centers on a fear of social interactions.

Individuals who suffer from social anxiety have difficulty with socializing and dealing with social events, especially meeting new people.

Usually, those who have social anxiety aren’t just Introverts, but as it’s also known as ‘social phobia,’ it comes from an irrational fear of being judged, rejected, or talked about behind their backs.

It’s a form of performance anxiety that is present in social interactions. One of the struggles of having social anxiety comes with your chosen field of career.

There are certain jobs where people with social anxiety wouldn’t thrive as it might trigger their social phobia.

So before you fill out those applications, or accept that bartender job, you were on the fence about. Read our list of the worst jobs for people with social anxiety.

With this being said, the following are 10 of the worst jobs for people with social anxiety :


Choosing to work in the restaurant and hospitality industry is one of the worst choices as a career if you’re struggling with social anxiety.

The nature of being a waiter or server involves a lot of interaction with your customers and putting on a friendly and outgoing front. Interacting with your guests also helps in getting tips for them.

Even if this is a common part-time job for students, this job can be specifically challenging if you struggle with social anxiety.

Sales Person

Basically, anything that involves being in charge of sales in any company isn’t a good idea if you have social anxiety. The success of this job requires interacting with clients and selling products to them, which would only trigger the social phobia within you.

Salespeople have to be confident, interactive, and have a people-pleasing personality in order to influence clients to buy from them. If your income is purely tied to your commission, then what you earn is tied to how well you do your job.

Chances are that kind of sales gig is not going to be a good fit for you. Digital marketing or affiliate marketing may be a good alternative. It requires no personal interaction with other people.


With your performance anxiety and social phobia, teaching isn’t a good idea. This involves speaking the majority of the time, similar to that of public speaking, sort of.

Teaching kids and individuals alike aren’t the most recommendable option for those with social anxiety since teaching is a very outgoing job. Not to mention, as a teacher, you’re required to meet with parents and discuss with them the performance of their child.

You’re also required to interact with other teachers and faculty during meetings and events. Teaching requires a lot of interaction with others. Plus managing badass kids all day. Avoid this gig, girl, your anxiety will thank you.


Even if you have the talent for this profession, your social anxiety might hold you back from being at your best potential. Whether it’s as a singer, musician, dancer or comedian.

You’d always fear to perform in front of an audience- especially as you’re going to perform in front of a large crowd. Overcoming your social phobia could lead you to success in this profession as there are famous individuals who had to overcome their stage fright to succeed.

If you have social anxiety but still want to pursue a career in entertainment, you can! Start with Youtube or other social platforms where you can ease yourself into it.


A front desk receptionist is responsible for answering all concerns and inquires that people have. It’s usually via phone, email and face to face interaction.

Being a front desk receptionist requires you to deal with all kinds of people. Usually in a very fast pace environment but little to no privacy. Without a doubt, this job would suck for someone working with social anxiety.

Call Center Agent

This may not be direct face-to-face interaction, but this still involves major social skills. You’d be talking to clients and various individuals all over the world over the phone.

Answering their inquiries and complaints, all day long. You need to be able to hold a thorough conversation in which your anxiety may hold you back.

If you are someone who can deal with talking to people as long as they can’t see you, then this actually may be a decent gig for you. Trying a remote call center job might be an even better choice.

Manager/ CEO

Being in the top management of a business may not be an environment you will enjoy if you have social anxiety. If you manage a company or you’re the CEO, this involves a lot of meetings with other high-profile individuals.

This also means you make a lot of major decisions for the company and you’re in charge of overseeing the entire organization as a whole. Having social anxiety can hold you back from making significant decisions with the fear of making the wrong call.

Don’t worry, because you can still the boss chick, you were born to be! Look into online businesses, and hiring other remote employees. Less face to face and a lot stressful than corporate America.

Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant means you attend to the needs of the individuals on your flight and generally, that means a ton of interaction. Being a flight attendant requires the ability to be social and have a pleasing personality.

This job also requires smiling the majority of the time and showing a friendly front. So if you have “resting bitch face”, as I do- next you can just imagine the struggle.

Overall, this job is just not recommended for anyone with extreme social anxiety.


One of the easiest jobs to get, but one of the worst for social anxiety. Being a cashier means, that you are hands-on with people. Scanning hundreds of items a day and meeting dozens of humans.

It makes my anxiety grow just thinking about it! For social butterflies being a cashier is a cakewalk! But for individuals who cringe at the thought of that much social contact, this is a hard pass.


I know many women with social anxiety who have pursued a career in modeling. It can be really fun and rewarding to have someone admiring your outfit or photos.

But it can also be stressful with meeting new photographers, stylists, and makeup artists. You may also be required to attend social events with other models.

If you still have dreams of modeling you can consider doing private shoots or if you are a little more adventurous you can consider webcam modeling as well.


Bartenders make great money! The only problem is for people with social phobias this gig might be too much. You will be making drinks and taking orders for bar patrons.

Super faced paced, depending on where you are working. It usually requires an outgoing personality and the ability to have casual conversations with others.

A job like this might provoke panic attacks for some people. Bartending isn’t all bad but definitely not the best kind of work for social anxiety.

There is Hope!

To sum it up, social anxiety can feel like it is ruining your life. Don’t let it! Know your triggers, and know that you can still make good money living with social anxiety.

Consider working from home or starting your own online business! Need some inspiration? Check out our big ass list of non-phone jobs to help you get started!

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