7 Clues It’s Time To Quit Your Job

When To Quit Your Job

when to quit your job

To Quit or Not To Quit

When do you know it’s time to quit your job? This is a question many people ask themselves every day.

It’s hard to know when it’s time to walk away from your current gig. Especially hard to quit when you don’t have another job lined up.

It’s never an easy decision but one that probably should be considered if you are experiencing any of these things at work:

1.Miserable Every Morning

When you wake up every morning and the first thing you think is “Fuck! Another day of this!?” That’s a red flag that your job isn’t for you anymore.

Nothing motivates you at work. Not the tasks, your work or even your paycheck. It’s true that all jobs have disadvantages, but it must also have fun and good moments.

There is no reason you should be going through an emotional hell getting ready for work each day. Feeling like this weighs heavy on your mental health.

I use to cry so much when I was working a job I hated. It was miserable! No job is worth that kind of inner turmoil.

Quit that shit. You can find another job that doesn’t cause those emotional break downs every morning.

2.No Fulfillment

We all have a project, idea, or dream that we want to pursue. It gives us a sense of hope and happiness. Our job should push us towards those goals or dreams.

If we aren’t moving in a direction of growth with our job then we begin to feel stagnate. That hope and happiness will turn into sadness and disengagement quickly.

There is nothing more gratifying than working and seeing how you have a positive impact on other people’s lives, or how we can contribute to other’s lives.

Do you feel you are doing something important right now to change the lives of others? Does your job challenge you to be a better person each day?

If not, you know it’s time to quit your day job and never look back.

3.Lost Your Passion

Do you remember the feeling you had every morning the first days you went to work? Where are those emotions right now?

Surely, they dissipated ages ago. Maybe even months ago depending on how much you hate your job.

There is no trace of that person that woke up every morning with the motivation in the clouds, excited to know what new challenges are waiting for you in the office.

I never had any passion for my old job. It was hell and it was painful going in there each day. If that’s how you feel at work that’s more than enough reason to quit.

4. Your Ideas Are Not Considered

Businesses don’t only prosper from the work of its employees; they grow and sustain due to the ideas they provide.

A great leader acknowledges and takes them into consideration. When they hear your ideas, it feels like you are making a difference, which is motivating and quite pleasing.

When your ideas or suggestions are not considered it can be deflating. If this is a reoccurrence at your job, it may not be the best fit for you.

A workplace that doesn’t listen to the employees that work their butts off every day, is not a good place to work.

5. Your Boss Is An Asshole

We all make mistakes, and there are also certain days when we wake up with the wrong foot. Thus, it is normal to receive constructive criticism or a small wake-up call.

It is beneficial to be told when we are mistaken and how we can improve. This intervention must be spoken in private, and not in front of other employees.

Some bosses enjoy humiliating their employees in front of others. Does your boss do this to you or other colleagues?

When your boss goes out of their way to treat you like shit or make you feel unworthy, it’s never ok. You deserve to be treated with respect, especially in a work environment.

If you are experiencing this at your job, then that’s a big clue it’s time to quit your job.

6. Mental Health

This is probably the most important on the list. If your job is giving your panic attacks, a nervous twitch or headaches its time to let it go.

Your mental health is so important. A paycheck will never replace peace of mind.

Crying in the bathroom at work, or feeling sick to your stomach as soon as you clock in is insane!

And if you already struggle with anxiety or depression, then the last thing you need a job that exacerbates it.

You and your mental well-being matters! If you are experiencing this then it may be time to find a job that makes you happy.

7. You Hate Your Job

Pretty basic right? You hate your job! Just the fact that it causes you to feel such an intense emotion is enough.

I’m not saying you have to be head over heels with the work you do. I am saying, that you shouldn’t hate it. No gig is worth that sort of energy.

Hate can turn you into a different person. It causes resentment and wrinkles! Seriously, screw hating your job and being angry all the time.

Find a job that you don’t hate, it’s plenty of money to be made in this world. Money that doesn’t require you to hate your job in the process.

Think It Over

Quitting your job may be one of the hardest decisions you make in a long time. It could also be one of the best decisions you make as well.

Think it over, and weigh out the pros and cons! I know a paycheck is always our first priority but in most cases, your mental well being and happiness is more important.


Remember you are never stuck and you can start over anytime you want! Are you currently at a job you hate? What’s the biggest thing holding you back from quitting?

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