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Have you ever thought about becoming an online tutor or teacher? Or are you currently an educator, but would like to start teaching remotely?

There is no shortage of reasons why someone would want an online teaching job. If you are like most online tutors, its the passion it brings, the networks it exposes you to and the fulfillment of helping mold a life.

But first, let’s appreciate that it’s not easy and most sites offering work from home teaching job sites have put in place very stringent vetting protocols.

Rest assured, we found 17 of the best online teaching websites around! Most of these sites have an easy registration process and great pay.

1.  Udemy

Udemy is one of the easiest teaching websites to register with and launch your online teaching career. One of the factors that make it’s alluring is its broad approach to online tutorage.

Here, virtually everyone is welcome, regardless of his or her academic background. From languages to social sciences and technology, the options are endless.

You can choose to have on-demand classes or create a virtual course and sell it on the Udemy platform.

Pay varies from one person to another and based on the number of courses they teach but roughly averages $1,500 to $3,000 per month.

2.  Teach.com

Teach.com matches teachers with established schools looking for part-time teachers or private students looking for private lessons online.

Pay is per hour or per term based. The average pay per class per term is $1,400 (for 12 weeks.) While the per hour rate (popular with private students) starts from $15/hourfor Teach.com.

3.Khan academy

Khan Academy is best known as the non-profit online learning system. They have collaborated with numerous schools around the world and caught the attention of millions of students with their free educational materials.

Khan Academy needs teachers to offer private tutoring and teach classes online for their large pool of their secondary and post-secondary students.

You must be an experienced teacher to pass their vetting process. It’s a great opportunity once you are hired as a teacher for Khan Academy.

4.  Higher Ed jobs

Higher Ed Jobs is one of the largest go-to sites for higher education teaching professionals. Their website has a list of over 200 online-only courses that you can register to teach.

The hourly rate averages about $18 per hour for online teachers.

While each has its specific qualification requirements, you need a minimum graduate degree and teaching experience to register as a teacher with Higher Ed Jobs.

5.  Coursera

Coursera is one of the most reputable and also one of the hardest online teaching platforms to get into.

Unlike most work from home teaching job websites listed here that are looking for independent contractors, Coursera partners with established institutions of higher learning.

This means that they will only hire online tutors from their partner institutions. You, therefore, must have a teaching job in a university setting to qualify to teach on their platform.

Payments can be hourly or per term and range based on qualifications, affiliation to partner schools, and the number of hours worked.


Indeed is not a dedicated online teaching job site but a general platform connecting job seekers to potential employers.

You will find both short and long term online tutor jobs listed here on a regular basis, mostly from parents looking for online private tutors for their kids.

It works best for elementary, secondary, and high school teachers and requirements vary from one parent to another. Some will require proof of your teaching degree while others will be content with your demeanor and basic skills.

Payments can be per term or on an hourly basis and majorly depends on your bargaining power (start negotiations at $20/hour).

7. VIP Kid

VIPKID is a Beijing-based online teaching platform for online English teachers.

Unlike most online teaching job sites listed here that expose you to varied teaching jobs, VIPKID is specially dedicated to English teachers.

This job is always in demand due to the growing need for English teachers in China and other Asian countries.

The site will only accept English teachers from the USA and Canada with a bachelor’s degree and proven teaching experience.

VIPKID pays an average of $14-$18 per hour, plus tips and other incentives.

8.  iTutor.com

iTutor is yet another Asia based and highly popular online teaching website dedicated to English language learners.

It offers highly competitive wages to part-time teachers on a contractual basis. It extends its student reach to not just China but also Japan and Taiwan.

To qualify as a teacher here, you need a bachelor’s degree, teaching certificate, provable teaching experience, and commitment to a 10-hour week schedule.

Contracts at iTutor run for one year and you earn between $1,500 and $3,000 per month based on your availability.


Given the huge demand for English lessons from Chinese and Asian students, it is not surprising that we have three English only teaching websites on this list.

QKids operates pretty much like VIPKIDs with the only exception of better pay. The payment is an hourly base and averages $20/hour.

They also have similar teaching requirements but QKids has a daily schedule. Lessons run from 5.40 am to 8.10 am Chinese time on weekdays and from 7.40 pm on weekends.

10. Teacher.on

Away from English teaching websites, Teacher.on provides work from home teaching jobs to graduates and experienced postsecondary teachers.

It is an open online teaching platform matching teachers to private students in need of online tutor lessons. You need a bachelor’s degree to qualify with a teaching certificate and experience coming in as an added advantage.

You get to set your hourly rate and can charge from as low as $10 to as much as $50+/hour.

11. Palfish.com

Palfish is an app that has one of the most practical approaches to teaching you will ever come across.

Instead of charts, teaching guides, and lesson plans, you are paid to speak with your learners through a mobile phone app. It is only suitable for language teachers and where you talk to your students and teach verbally.

Payment with Palfish averages $12 per hour but you are free to set your individual rate.

You must be a U.S citizen and commit to a minimum of 3.5 hours of teaching per week to qualify.

12. Tutor Me

Tutor Me has one of the most rigorous testing and claims that only 4% of their applicants sail through to teach on their online platform.

This online tutoring job website has over 300 subjects available and the most flexible teaching schedule that runs around the clock.

Payment can be per hour at $60/hour per month at $39 (one hour/month) or per month at $69 (two hours/month).

13. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors is an online-based university teaching website that accepts online teachers from elite universities across the country.

To gain access to their online tutor jobs, you must be working or have previously worked as a lecturer in some of the elite universities and colleges across the country.

For the stringent qualifications, you get to earn the maximum hourly pay of between $40 and $70 per hour.

14. Smart Thinking

Smart Thinking is a work from home teaching job provider specializing in elementary, secondary and high school tutoring services.

You will need a bachelor’s degree, teaching certificate, and some teaching experience to gain admission to their website.

Students pay you an average $125 for a four-hour session (less the platform brokerage fees)

15. Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor is another online tutor job provider offering online teaching services to students in Grades 3 to 12.

Admission isn’t as complicated as it is on other teaching websites. You only need a bachelor’s degree to qualify.

In addition to working online, you can also do their drop-off feature. This is for one-on-one teaching lessons for kids in your neighborhood at between $40 and $80 per session.

16. Two Sigma

Two Sigma is an online work from home teaching jobs platform that gives teachers an opportunity to teach kids in Asia online.

You will be teaching children aged between 5 and 12 years and earn between $18 and $25/hour

There is a wide range of subjects available on the website and you only need to reside in an English speaking country like the U.S, Canada, or the U.K.

Also, you must have a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate to qualify for Two Sigma.

17. Growing Stars

Growing Stars specializes in offering eLearning classes to students in grades 3 to 12. There are numerous lessons taught here and the platform uses the student’s current school curriculum.

Registration is relatively easy and straightforward, as you only need a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate to qualify.

Payments at Growing Stars average $80 per month (4hours/month) but you are free to set your individual rate

Bottom line

Online work from home teaching opportunities are endless! In most cases, you only need a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate to qualify.

Get started with one of the websites mentioned here and let us know how it goes! Drop your comments below!

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