9 Simple Ways To Stop Panic Attacks!

How To Stop A Panic Attack

9 Ways To Stop A Panic Attack!

Simple Ways To Stop Panic Attacks!

Panic can attack anyone at any time. It is usually caused by panic disorder, depression or any other anxiety. During this state, one can show physical and emotional symptoms such as sweating, feeling fear, nausea, repetitive worrying, rapid breathing, and a racing heartbeat.

Panic attacks are very scary and can cause major effects such as other mental issues and in worst cases a heart attack.

In this article, we are bringing you some of the common strategies you can use to calm panic attacks. Hopefully helping you get to the point a panic attack will stop before it even starts!

Recognition and Acceptance

Anyone who has experienced a panic attack knows it can be scary stuff. Understanding and remembering that when these attacks arise, they will pass!

You can get through them gracefully no matter how it feels at that moment. This helps when someone acknowledges that the situation will last for a very short period of time and it will end.

Recognize what you are feeling at that time but don’t freak out! You got this. Accept that you are having a panic attack and fix your thoughts on moving forward beyond it.

If someone is experiencing this situation for the first time, then it is advisable to visit a doctor for more consultation and guidance on how to overcome the situational, since it may lead to more mental or emotional issues if left untreated.

Take A Deep Breath

Taking a deep breath can help control a panic attack. Taking slow and long breaths can help suppress the panic and decrease the feeling of anxiety.

You can close your eyes, take a breath slowly and deeply, then let out the air through your mouth. You will find that this can be very relieving. You can repeat 1 to 4 times on each inhale and exhale, you will feel better.

Taking a long breath helps in filling your chest with air and avoiding tightness in the chest. A feeling of tightness in your chest causes short breaths and it results in worst anxiety during an attack.

Use Lavender

Lavender has been used in many situations to relieve anxiety. It is known to bring a sense of relaxation, calm and tranquility. You can inhale a bunch of lavender flowers or use its’s oil to rub on your hands and inhale.

You can buy lavender oil online or from a trusted distribution or retailer. Lavender can be used as a drink or you can drink chamomile tea too, both can be used to bring relaxation and help stop anxiety attacks.

Lavender should not be used together with benzodiazepines. This combination may lead to intense drowsiness.

Imagine Your Happy Place

Try to bring detailed memories of your favorite place, say, maybe a sandy beach or a beautiful open forest. Try also to bring the memories of your favorite scents or imagine a place that gives you an instant happiness rush.

Bring any memories or thoughts that take you to another place mentally. The goal is to submerge your thoughts with loving thoughts. Trick your mind into thinking you are in that thought or memory in real-time.

These memories trigger therapy to your mind and as a result, this will help you find some relief from panic attacks.

Warm Your Hands

Whenever we are in a panic or stressed TF out, our blood flows to the areas of tension such as hips, shoulders among other flight-or-fight response areas.

Warming our hands triggers parasympathetic relaxation and reverses thee stress response. The studies have proven that warming our hands help reduce blood pressure.

You can warm your hands by holding a cup of tea, sitting near to the fireplace or having a warm bath. This helps in generating a relaxed body response and it will help in suppressing your state of panic.

Massage Your Scalp

According to the study conducted and published in the International Journal Of Neuroscience, it is proven that massage therapy helps in increasing the serotonin level by 28 percent and reduces the cortisol level by 31 percent.

Sculpt massage helps in reducing the muscle tension in the neck and back of the head and sends blood circulation to the brain.

You can massage your scalp using organic oils blended with lavender for calming and reduction of mental stress as it increases alertness.

Get Moving!

You can stimulate your mind by engaging in an activity that keeps your brain and body busy. These activities can be as simple as taking a shower or going for a jog around the block.

A recent study shows that most people who involve themselves in some outside exercises experience a 20 percent reduction in anxiety.

It also shows a positive pattern of increased moods as opposed to those who do not. Being active also raises your levels of serotonin.

This gives your brain more of the happy vibes that can help fight against panic attacks. So get moving!

Use Ice Cubes

The technique of using ice cubes diverts ones attention from thinking about issues contributing to panic attack. You can hold ices cubes on one of your hands then transfer to the other hand.

The idea is to distract your mind by using something that will give your mind or body a small shock. Ice is the perfect subtle way to take your mind off of your panic attack.

This technique will definitely help you gain control and start to feel back to normal when panic attacks come.

Close Your Eyes

Some panic attacks arise from some visual effects that overwhelm you. This is especially when you are in a place where there is a lot of stimuli that may have contributed to your panic attack.

It is advisable that you close your eyes to reduce the stimuli during the actual panic attack. Close your eyes and breath in and out, and it will block you from concentrating on stimuli and focus on breathing.

Closing your eyes and giving your mind a chance to clear those panicking thoughts can be very helpful during an anxiety or panic attack.

Babe, You Got This!!

Period. You got this! Panic attacks fucking suck. They can make everyday life very hard. Until you learn your triggers and the simple things you can do to reduce the attacks.

Start using these tips and keep kicking this thing called anxiety’s ass!

What tricks help you calm down when you have a panic or anxiety attack?

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