Food Delivery Jobs: Now Is The Best Time To Apply!

Delivery Service App Jobs

Food Delivery Jobs


A delivery service job may be one of the best way to make extra cash right now. During this period where many individuals are working from home, people are on lockdown- literally.

Therefore they will need the meals delivered to them. At this time, many people are willing to pay to have their food delivered due to coronavirus.

Some delivery apps don’t even require a car. You can on foot, motorcycle, or even bike. It is significant to remember that you will be an independent contractor and not an employee. So if you are looking for a position with medical benefits or other employee perks delivery gigs, you give you that.

However, if you are looking to supplement your income or make some killer extra cash during this outbreak, then working for a delivery app is for you!

Peep, a few of our favorite delivery apps that are currently hiring!


One of the first food delivery apps on the market. Grubhub is extremely popular, which means drivers are always busy.


One must possess an android 5.0 or data plan or an iPhone with iOS 11 or higher (aka a smartphone that won’t fuck up.)

Must have two years of driving experience.

Must open a checking account for direct deposit of payment.

Must be at least nineteen years or older.

Drivers must have a vehicle covered by auto insurance and a valid driving license.

Bikers should have a valid state ID.

No Delivery Experience needed


Every mile from restaurant to the customer is$ 0.50

Base rates $3-$4

Hundred percent tips.

Grubhub doesn’t bid surge pricing and bonuses in the same manner other delivery firms do, though it contains an instrument to offer incentives to the drivers.

Grubhub encourages the drivers to put up as many hours as possible. If the driver maintains high acceptance rates and signs up to drive early; they will acquire order precedence during their shift.


Doordash is another mega food delivery app. Doordash strictly deals with food only. In Doordash, you can use the app to get orders, then steer to the restaurant then deliver for the customer.


The Doordash app is where all the delivery requests are received, and they afterward deliver to the customer.

The geographical region the driver chooses, delivery requests will be limited to it.

Must be eighteen years or older.

Should possess an Android smartphone or an iPhone.

Should have any car, motorcycle, scooter, or truck.

Must be capable of completing an orientation in person or online.

Should have a valid driver’s license with a minimum of one-year driving experience. You will also need to have a valid insurance policy.


They expected to earn approximately $8 to $15 per hour.

Doordash’s pay formula is tips plus promotions plus base pay.

The app has a tipping feature that encourages customers to tip.

Payment is made weekly through direct deposit.

During the seasons of high demand, peak pay bonus will increase earnings.

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Tips +Tricks


Work With many apps, since every app has weaknesses and strengths. For example, Grubhub pays well and is more concerned with the satisfaction of the customer while Doordash pays the least, but it is the busiest. The key in these apps is to figure which will work to your advantage.


You are working with these apps to know when to work, how to work, and where to work. Keep in mind that your goal is to get more deliveries that head in the same direction.

Know which restaurants to decline and which ones to accept. Deliveries are realistically based on how far apart they are from each other.

Identify the places that you can park and deliver orders from restaurants nearby. The only way to master this tip is through practice.


To make $20-$30 per hour, you will typically need to work an exhausting shift. Some of the days are busy while others are slow; it’s hard to predict the flow of orders sometimes.

Patience is important and waiting for an order can be annoying. Either way, you have to stick with it and brace yourself for whatever the day will bring.

As long as you stay focused on making money, you should have no problem!


People are paying you to deliver their food- easy. There is no reason not to enjoy or have fun while your working. So turn up the tunes and let down the window and smile!

Come on, it is not like you are resolving world hunger emergencies or anything, but you are making a difference to someone and that’s all that matters.


Reddit has a huge community of delivery drivers, which is a significant resource. Reddit gives you a chance to seek advice, offer consistent tips and tricks, and you can find updates of the upcoming promotions.

Make That Money

Delivery jobs can be very profitable. You act as your boss, set your own hours and get paid weekly. This job requires a lot of patience and great customer service. In my opinion, working for a delivery service a pretty sweet gig.

Now get busy! There is money to be made, and now is the best time to go for it!

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