How To Keep Sane Working From Home With Kids

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How To Keep Sane Working From Home With Kids

Working From Home With Kids

After the first case of coronavirus was reported in the US in January, the pandemic cases have since grown are approaching the 40,000 marks. With this rapid growth of coronavirus, people are being advised to stay at home.

Many businesses have had to downsize or force their employees to work from home. Schools have also been closed and sent thousands of children home for an undetermined amount of time.

With that being said, the only hope that will save the economic downturn that is happening now is by working from home. For some moms, this may seem damn near impossible due to the never-ending list of interruptions our children can bring into the mix.

It seems stressful, but don’t worry, you can totally do this!

Like a true mom boss!

Take a look at our list of tips and strategies that will help you stay sane while working from home with children.

Start Early

The wee hours of the morning when children are not awake are the best to help maximize your working time.

Investing in the early morning hours will help you save significant time that will be lost when the madness begins. You should also use this time arranging activities that your children will be involved in.

The goal here is to try to get as much done as possible while the kiddies are sleeping. If the wee hours of the morning don’t work for you try late at night once your children are in bed.

Get A Routine

Schedules! Your kids follow them in school every day, and now that they are home during the day, it should be no different. Get a tight routine together for your kids to stick to.

In the schedule, you should include the time your kids eat all their meals, shower, do school activities such as reading and drawing and the time to take their nap.

All these may vary according to the age of your children but you catch my drift. This will make it easier for you to manage working from home with your kids.

Having a strategic routine to follow every day will make things run a lot smoother for everyone!

Manage Expectations

If your kids are old enough to understand that you are working, you should instill in them a sense of self-dependence. You should teach your children when to interrupt you.

Give them a list of things that constitute an emergency in your home. That way they’ll know when to come and get you

The kids should be taught how to handle small roles such as going to the toilet and feeding themselves. If your children can already do this, then that is half the battle!

It just means having a real conversation with your kids about self-control and using their inside voice when mommy is working. Just lay down the law, Mama. I know you got it in you.

Spend Time

Despite how much you will want to separate from your kids for work, it is essential to know that as a mother you will still feel guilty if a day ends without at least a few minutes with your children.

You should make sure that working from home does not beat the initial logic of providing the best for your kids.

Do this by taking more extended lunch and afternoon breaks with the kiddos. Try having a movie or a short walk with your kids during that time.

Spending time with them while you are working from home will make your little one super happy. It will also lessen the interruptions when you resume working again.

Dedicated Workspace

Get a dedicated workspace just for you. Your workspace shouldn’t be near the children’s room to ensure that you aren’t setting yourself up to get sidetracked.

It is recommended you work in a different room, separate from your children. You may want to create rules on when your child can enter the room. Especially if your job requires you to be heavily on the phone.

Keep your area- your area! The kids will understand. It will also help keep you focused and in work mode!

Consider A Night Shift

Although this is not highly recommended, for someone people, it works better for them.

For example, you could take care of all your responsibilities with your kids in the daytime. Most likely you would be getting your sleep during the kid’s naptime.

In the night time, once the kids are asleep is when you would work. It can be extremely tiring switching from first to third shift but not after awhile.

Your body will just need to get adjusted to your new schedule and sleep patterns. There are thousands of women who do this and kick ass doing it!

Hire A Nanny

I know this one might be a little extreme for some moms, but hear me out. If you have tried all the above tips and nothing is working, you should consider hiring someone you trust to look after your kids.

The nanny does not have to stay in your home for the whole day but only for the time that you are fully occupied with work. You should, however, be very cautious at this time by ensuring that the person you are hiring is free from coronavirus to avoid transmission to your family.

Since almost everybody is at home at this time, it shouldn’t be too challenging to find a good nanny in your neighborhood.

Don’t Lose It!

Don’t lose your shit, I know your patience may be running thin with all these changes going on in the world right now.

Creating a steady balance between working from home with your kids comes down to having a good plan.

If you follow these tips, it will be a piece of cake for you to maximize your work time and minimize interruptions from your children while working from home!

What’s the MOST ANNOYING thing your kids do while you are working from home? Drop it in the comments!

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