7 Best Freelance Photography Jobs

Freelance Photography Jobs


One of the most difficult aspects of breaking into the freelance photography game is learning how to find freelance photography jobs.

It can be daunting AF but girl, that’s why you have us (duh!).

Check out our picture-perfect list of 7 websites that pay will pay you for your photography!

1. Adobe Stock

All you need is an Adobe ID to get started selling your photography online with Adobe Stock. Adobe Stock is a fantastic way to gain exposure as a new photographer making a name for yourself. They maintain a huge library of every niche of stock photography, so they’re always looking for new photographers to submit work.


  • 18 years of age or older
  • Must be the sole owner of your uploads
  • Include signed released with all uploads containing recognizable private property or persons.

How Much You Can Expect to Earn:

When you sell your photography through Adobe Stock, you earn a 33% commission for stills and a 35% commission for videos based on the price of the image.

Adobe provides creator payouts through Skrill or Paypay once they have earned $25.

2. Snapped4U

Snapped4U is unique because it allows you to get freelance photography jobs by sending customers directly to your profile. You set the price, and curate your galleries for event and portrait photography.

This website is for freelance photographers with a specific focus on portrait photography or event photography who are looking to find new clients and showcase their work.


To get started with Snapped4U, you’ll have to:

  • Create an account
  • Pay a one-time, nonrefundable $10 registration fee
  • Pay $0.50 handling fee on all purchases
  • Own all of your uploads

How Much You Can Expect to Make:

For contributors located in the U.S., Snapped4U takes a commission of 10% on all photos $5 or less, and 10% on all photos priced higher than $5.

Snapped4U retains a commission of $0.60 on all photos priced $5 or less, and 12% on all photos priced higher than $5 sold by photographers living outside the U.S.

You decide how much you want to sell your photos for, so you can make as much as $20 for every photo that you sell.

3. Instaprints

You can sell your photography as prints, apparel, and more through Instaprints.

Instaprints lets you upload all kinds of photography and choose the products that you want to sell at the prices you set in their online marketplace (pixels.com).

In addition to their fulfillment service, Instaprints provides sales tools and marketing tools that you can use to help promote your products and establish yourself.


If you want to sell your photography (or other creative content like illustrations and artwork) with Instaprint, you’ll need:

  • An account on Instaprints
  • Exclusive rights to all uploaded content

How Much You Can Expect to Make:

With Instaprint, you set the prices for your work; and because there’s such a wide variety of products that you can choose from to sell, you decide how much you make.

Instaprints add their commission to the prices you set instead of taking a commission out of your product sale prices, so you earn money based on the prices you set.

4. iStockPhoto

iStockPhoto by Gettyimages allows you to upload photos, videos, and illustrations for review.

If your work is accepted, your content is then posted through their online and mobile platforms for sale and licensing.

iStock accepts photos of all kinds of photography and provides creative briefs that can help you to get more freelance photography jobs.


To apply with iStockPhoto, you’ll need:

  • To be 18 years or older
  • Create an account
  • Ownership to all of your content exclusively
  • To download the Contributor app by Getty Images

How Much You Can Expect to Make:

On iStockPhoto you earn royalties on every image people buy.

Income with iStockPhoto is more passive, as it’s accrued over time as costumers use your work rather than sold as prints as products.

5. RedBubble

Redbubble is similar to Instaprints in that it lets you sell your photography to customers through various products like prints, vinyl stickers, and more.

You choose which products you want to feature your work on and you set your own pricing. Redbubble also allows you to retain full ownership and control of your work.


To get started on RedBubble, you’ll have to:

  • Make an account
  • Own all uploaded content

How Much You Can Expect to Make:

RedBubble allows you to choose your profit margins for your products. However, most artists earn an average margin of 17% of the retail price.

6. BigStockPhoto

You can sell your photos digitally with BigStockPhoto. BigStockPhoto is another online stock marketplace where people can buy your photography to use for their business.

This site also allows you to track your sales and retain all of the copyrights to your work. BigStockPhoto regularly accepts a variety of imagery, from landscape to food and much more.


To start selling on BigStockPhoto, you’ll need to:

  • Signup for an account
  • Be the sole owner of your uploads

How Much You Can Expect to Make:

You can earn between $0.50 and $25 per image on BigStockPhoto and up to 30% commission on the images you sell.

BigStockPhoto pays its contributors through PayPal or Skrill.

7. Your Website

You can also find clients and customers directly by selling your photography services and prints on your own freelance photography website.

When you have your own website, you’re responsible for marketing and pitching your work to consumers yourself.

The trade-off for this is that you retain a higher percentage of your sales profit selling from your website than if you were to sell your work elsewhere.


To get started selling your photography on your website you’ll need to:

  • Create a website
  • Acquire a domain
  • Upload your portfolio
  • Market and advertise your products and services

How Much You Can Expect to Make:

How much money you earn from your website is dependent on how much time you put into marketing and promoting your work and services as a freelance photographer.

One benefit, though, is that you can also earn money through hosting ads in addition to your sales income.

Snap It Up!

We know it can be stressful and intimidating to enter the realm of freelance photography.

Take a breather, once you sell your first photograph and get to experience the freedom of being a freelance photographer, it’ll be like a walk in the park!

Now get going! There are beautiful things to be captured and money to be made! Go get it bank-babes!

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