How To Sell Feet Pics: This Woman Makes 2k A Week Selling Pictures of Her Feet!

How To Sell Feet Pics

How To Sell Feet Pics

Listen, times in the world right now may be getting harder, but our Bank Babes stay coming up with more and more creative ways to run it up!

Imagine making a full-time income from merely selling pictures of your feet! That’s right- getting paid to sell photos of your freaking feet!

Recently I had a Bank Babe write in telling me how she went from making 700 dollars every two weeks at her fulltime job to 2000 dollars every week selling feet pics on Instagram!

Of course, when I read this, my inner hustler woke up. Like, girl, you made what, doing what?!

So many questions came to mind. Like who TF is buying feet pics? Where to sell feet pics? And what exactly do you need to do to get started?

I just had to know. So.. I dug a little deeper.

The Bank-Babe, who told me about her newfound career choice, (we will call her Erin.) agreed to answer some real questions I had about selling pic feet pics.

I also did some research myself and Babes; this shit is legit. The best part is anyone (even you, curious Cathy!) can make money by selling pictures of their stompers!

How Did You Begin Selling Feet Pics?

Erin told me, “I started selling pictures of my feet after I lost my job. I was desperate, and quite frankly, I just needed money fast. I saw women online making money from twerking and showing ass, so I thought, I am sure I can do the same thing only with my feet!”

So, where did you start? I asked. Was there a specific platform you used when you sold your foot picture?

Erin: “The first place I sold my first picture was Instagram. I already had a pretty decent following, and I posted the first picture of my foot there.
My inbox went wild from men wanting to buy. Most of which, I never even knew, followed me. I decided to sell my first pic for 25 dollars via cash app. I have been selling ever since. I now promote on about four platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Craigslist, and Instafeet.”

How often do you post?

Erin: “As often as possible! That’s the trick! You have to promote yourself. You’ll have to slide in DMs, and you’ll have to post a lot of pictures of your feet! These platforms are oozing with guys who have foot fetishes. These men want to buy, just as bad as you want to make a sell. “

How Much Can You Earn Selling Foot Pics?

Erin: ” I make about 2000 dollars a week. I do custom feet pictures and even some videos. I charge way more for custom content. I never show my face. It’s always my feet. For women new to selling feet pictures online, I would suggest starting at $10 per photo until you begin to develop a solid base of repeat customers.

How Do You Avoid Getting Scammed?

Erin: “Easy, I make them pay first! Getting payment upfront is probably the only way to be sure you won’t get scammed. The downside is, real buyers fear getting scammed too. That’s why building trust with potential buyers, and putting out free content first is essential. After some trial and error, you will be able to tell who is serious and who is just a bullshitter with a foot fetish.”

Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal?

Erin: Yes, It’s legal. Well, at least in the United States and most other countries, it is. Selling pictures of your feet is considered adult work, so you have to be over the age of 18 to sell.”

Do Your Feet Have To Be Pretty?

Erin: ” Fuck, no! My feet are not all that, in my opinion. Still, my customer’s adore my feet. I am a size 10 with long square toes. There are some people out there who love feet like this. Others prefer smaller feet or feet that are dirty. It’s just about preference, like anything else.”

What’s The Most Money You’ve Made From One Pic?

Erin: “The most I have ever made from selling my foot pics is 140 dollars. He wanted a picture of me putting my foot inside a small tub of mayo! I thought he was full of shit, but he was serious. He is now one of my repeat customers. Always requests something odd, but pays better than any client I have.”

Any New Feet Sellers Should Know?

Erin:” Always put out fresh content on social media. Use hashtags and make sure your pages are public. Making your pages viewable to all will help you find more customers. Try to start off selling them for low amounts and never give out any of your personal information.”

Talking to Erin about selling foot pics was a refreshing conversation. I love a woman who can make a hustle out of anything-even her feet!

After doing some more research, on top of the gems, Erin dropped on us.

I have a few important takeaways for anyone interested in making money by selling their foot pictures.

More Places To Sell

Use social media and adult platforms. Social media goes without saying, it is a must to start your foot selling career. Start by using sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Create an alluring profile filled with different pictures of your feet. Be sure to have some images with socks on or something creative to provide variety to your future buyer.

Use hashtags, Engage, and follow people back! Even if you unfollow them later, the goal is to build your profile’s fanbase fast to make more sales.

This goes back to what Erin said about building trust. Someone is more likely to buy photos from someone who has a large social media following. In comparison to a social media account with hardly any followers and no engagement.

Other places to market and sell your footilicious content are eBay, Craigslist, Reddit, and dating sites like Tender or fetish forums.

Adult websites and forums are great for pushing your foot pics. Any website that gives you the option to sell nudes is a perfect place to sell your pics of your feet. Here are a few adult sites you can sell your pics on OnlyFans, Instafeet, Chaturbate, ELM, Camsoda, and Livejasmin.

Get Creative

Paint your toes and post a pic with a nice background. Do custom content, like Erin mentioned. Try to stand out from all the other foot models out there.

Do collabs with your friends and split the profits. Create funny or kinky foot videos then post them to adult paid per view type sites like PornHub.

You can also pay other Adult influencers on social media to promote your foot page. The more exposure, the better! Remember, the more you put your content out there, the bigger the potential profit you can make.


In Erin’s words, “get it upfront.” Make sure the customer pays before you send the pics. Use Cashapp or Paypal. Never give your bank details to anyone. Also, if the pay for one picture sounds too good to be true- it most likely is!


To sell feet pics online in America, you have to be over the age of 18 years old. Have a smartphone or something to take high-quality pictures.

Social media accounts and the heart of a hustler! Patience is a big one too! You will get a lot of men not willing to pay for your pictures. Even more, trying to scam you into giving out your information.

Take your time and weed through the bogus offers and creeps.


So there you have it, everything you need to know about selling feet pics online. Can you make good money doing this?

Hell yeah, you can! The sky is the limit. It just depends on how motivated you are.

It will always be someone willing to buy your foot flicks. The challenge is just finding those repeat customers who enjoy buying your content.

But screw it! What do you have to lose? You never know, this might be your new go-to gig!

So Babe, are you going to go for it? Let us know in the comments if you have ever sold feet pics before! How much did you make?

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