Getting Out Of Your Rut and Into Your Goals!

Getting Out Of Your Rut

how to get out your rut

We’ve all been there. The essence of FML accompanied by the redundant question of “Is this really my fucking life!?

That depressed, low vibe (more like no-vibe), unmotivated slump! It blows. It gives you the false feeling that no matter what you do, you’ll always be “stuck.” Better know as a fucking rut.

A rut is basically a period of time where you find yourself feeling demotivated or burnt out. (we’ll explain this in detail in a sec)

When you’re in a rut, you usually don’t know what to do with yourself and your life, plus you don’t feel like doing anything. You find yourself starting to wonder “How did I get so deep into this? and most importantly, “How do I get myself out of this?’

This is where we come into play, we have deeply researched and studied this topic and identified some patterns that could lead to such stagnant periods of life.

So, what we want to do here is to share with you our research and help you get mental clarity in life. Because we know that lack of motivation or this unenthusiastic lifestyle can start to drip into the other areas of your life and make you less productive and eventually complete failure.

Not on our watch babe! We get through shit, together! With effort and motivation, you will break out of your rut and break into your goals!

So, without much further ado…

What is a rut?

If we can explain rut in simple terms it would be – A behavior or habit that sucks the motivation, energy, and ambition from a person leaving them to feel stuck in life.

Imagine someone who is really energetic, motivated, a high-yielding type of person. This person hits the gym, reading books, valuing their decisions and maintaining consistency in a work to complete it in time.

But one day they wake up and notice all the things they loved doing seems to be a bit harder to do. They feel tired and all their motivation to keep being awesome is gone. Plus they even can’t remember why and how they were being productive in the first place.

All the clarity of understanding that you seem to have yesterday is gone in what seems like a flash.

The thought of going to the gym fades so they end up skipping the gym, this person no longer finds reading books intriguing anymore, and they procrastinate like hell. One day of doing nothing turns into three and three days turn into a week and so on.

This forces a person to replace meaningful activities with more trash like junk food, TV, video games, and more sitting on the couch engaging in social media dramatics.

Four reasons people get stuck in a rut

1. Thoughts revolving around money or lack thereof: You will stress yourself the hell out thinking about money and how much of it you need to be happy. It has been shown that people who obsess about what they don’t have, are more likely to think themselves into a rut.

2. Extravagant hopes but no actions: It’s easy to get carried away with your thoughts when you are fed up with reality. Thinking about get rich quick schemes or a magic pill that will help you lose weight, will not help you. It will only worsen how you, because you are chasing something that will not pay off. Nothing comes easy, and by thinking its a magic way out will surely get you further in a rut.

3. Burn out: People mentally get worn-out when they put on extra hours of work in tough jobs. Sometimes it’s to get a promotion or just to stay afloat at work. Our jobs can seem repetitive and we can feel unappreciated working there. When you are forced to go to work to a job you hate each day, it does nothing for your happiness. This can lead to a rut, faster than anything else in my opinion.

(We don’t suggest you minimize commitments, what we suggest is to properly analyze what you want from your current work situation and find ways to achieve it.)

4. Age: Somethings age can play a huge factor in being in a rut. You may think you are “too old” to accomplish your goals. Or even think that because you are getting older, your life is losing its quality. Aging is beautiful and it is truly a gift. Having a mindset that is afraid of growing older, for whatever reason will only dig you deeper in a rut.

Here are some more signs you may be stuck in a rut:

Every day seems to be the same day – This could be a very obvious sign because your focus is not on what day it is. As there is nothing special going on that could be remembered. Due to the lack of a thrill and robotic-like routine. For you Monday is the same as Friday.

You want to quickly finish the day – “I wish today was over already!”Something you have probably said to yourself many times. You are in a rush to be done with the day, just to repeat the same monotonous day all over again tomorrow. With nothing plan but to lay in the bed and sulk.

You feel demotivated – This one is a big one. You don’t have any motivation. You hardly want to handle daily responsibilities or anything for that matter. This is more than just a “lazy day” it goes on for weeks and starts to spill into other parts of your life.

Depressed and unfulfilled – When stuck in rut, your life becomes boring. Your desire to start something new seems to be lost. And if you start somehow, your mind will get distracted which will result in partial completion of a project. This may feel like a void you are longing to fill, or even like depression. A big red flag that its time to dig yourself out that hole.

Fear of losing the comfort – The short-term discomfort that you would feel in doing some work seems to be an unconquerable challenge that produces fear within you and you end up running away. You may feel like no matter what you do it won’t succeed. Or may even rebel against it because it feels good at the time. This just keeps you further in a rut. Challenge yourself to get it done and be proud of whatever you accomplish!

How To Get Out Of Your Rut

There is an old saying – “You cannot be treated unless you accept that you are sick.” Same goes for getting out of your rut, you need to admit that you are stuck.

Most people fail to understand the power in this simple and logical statement but it is not necessarily their fault.

These feelings are hard to be recognized and they tend to build up slowly. Meaning, day after day you follow negative routines without realizing it and the consequences.

Luckily, Babe there are things you can do to break out of this shitty feeling and start to flourish and live your best life!

Practice self-compassion

Take care of yourself by practicing self-compassion and meditation. Eat healthy food, have a proper amount of sleep, ask for emotional and physical support from your homies, exercise daily.

The overall idea is to treat yourself in the best way you possibly can. You are a damn Goddess! Start acting like it!

Change Your Routine

Change is mandatory! When your life is going in a negative direction you still have the opportunity to get right back on track!

Habit is what makes us human, sure there are other elements too but our focus is to emphasize in your routines and change them to interesting ones!

Fuel yourself with positivity and productivity. You can try the following ideas:

  • Wake up early.
  • Be spontaneous.
  • Learn some new skills or do anything that is new for you.
  • Talk to interesting people.
  • Pursue your hobby or build a new one.
  • Drink more water.
  • Get your comfort zone! Do something random everyday

Live Ya Life, Baby!

You are missing so much when you live under a rock. Head out for a small walk, exercise, meet friends or go for any adventurous activity.

Going out in nature can improve mental well-being, creativity level and decrease stress and depression. Get out there and DO SOMETHING!

Be you authentically in whatever you do, get up and get out! The world deserves your positive energy and believe or not you have a lot of it to give!

Goal Getter

One of the easiest ways you can fall into the rut is by not having goals and a feeling of purpose. Create some realistic goals for yourself in different areas of life like career or relationship.

No matter how small or how big. Make a list of what you want to accomplish the most. Then pick away at the goal each day. Be sure to track your process and don’t be too hard on yourself! You are doing the best you can and that’s the part that truly matters.

Creating goals will help you find purpose and give some structure to your life. The more focus you become on reaching your dreams, the harder you will go for them.

Make It Happen

In order to stay on track and achieve your goals, you need strong motivation.

However, sometimes its easier said than done. Motivation can fade away due to a number of reasons. So to stay you motivated towards your goals try doing this:

  • Make sure the goal is something you are passionate about
  • Take baby steps and create a timely checklist.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people working for similar goals.
  • Crush perfectionism. Just do it!
  • Use the power of positive affirmations plus visualization.
  • Reward yourself with something when you reach a goal
  • Take breaks, go easy on yourself.
  • Take one goal and break it down into tiny goals to achieve each day.
  • Ask for help, if a goal is too hard, ask a friend or family member to help you
  • Document your progress
  • DON’T GIVE UP! Even if you get off track in the beginning- get back up and keep going!

All Eyes On You!

There you go, everything you need to know about getting out of a rut!

It isn’t easy and some days will be harder than others. Just remember that you can and will conquer this!

Better days are on the way, Babe! We can bank on it!

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