21 Verified Side Hustles That Actually Make Money!

Side Hustles That Make Money

Sometimes (particularly in current times of economic uncertainty) it may be necessary to consider outside income in addition to the main job that you have.

Or if you are anything like me, you probably hate working for someone else. So much so you rather learn a way to work for yourself and have more freedom.

Regardless of the reason, there are a lot of options for making a comfortable income online. This depends highly on your expertise, interests, and overall work ethic.

These money-making hustles range from creating stock photography, writing your own ebooks, to online tutoring.

While most are unlikely to make you a millionaire (I mean, unless your manifest game is A1), conveniently these side hustles can turn into full-blown businesses or full-time gigs!

Here are our picks of killer side hustles you can start today:

1. Transcriptionist

If you happen to be bilingual or at least competent in translating the written word of a particular language, you can make money through online document translation.

As businesses grow globally, they often require translators to assist in the rewriting of documents for customers and employees in an understandable format.

The most popular languages requested are Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and French and you can expect to make between $12-$40 an hour for jobs depending on the type of content being translated.

As a starting point, you may consider signing up with Translatorscafe.com where you can advertise your services and likewise search projects that are being advertised.

You can also work doing Transcription work, either freelance or with a company like TranscribMe. Some transcribers have started their own businesses and websites dedicated to transcription services.

2. Virtual Call Center Employee

Gone are the days where you need to head into a busy office building to be employed in call center work. If you have a background in customer service or sales and have the necessary equipment to talk by phone and online, then this may be a side hustle to consider.

You can often choose the hours that you are prepared to work, and are usually provided with a script and training so that you can answer customer queries from home.

In this kind of role, you can expect to make between $9-$15 per hour on the low end of call center jobs. This doesn’t include the potential to earn bonuses or commission if working in a sales environment. A position as a lead or call center supervisor will pay much higher.

A company to consider if you are new to virtual call center work is WorkingSolutions.com. At this time they only offer positions for US residents. You also check here for more remote customer service gigs!

You can also outsource your customer service skills as a virtual assistant if you want more freedom than a call center offers.

3. Stock Photography

If you have experience behind the camera and a good quality DSLR, you may consider signing up to stock photography sites to sell your images.

Unlike some other side hustles, this isn’t a quick moneymaker and requires building a portfolio. But trust, it’s well worth it.

The more photos you have on there and better tags you add for better search engine optimization, the more sales you will achieve but each sale only averages at around $2 per image depending on the photography platform you use. Some sites to sell your photography or videography are Shutterstock and Getty Images.

You can make great money by doing freelance photography. Market yourself well and you can slowly begin to charge a higher rate for the photos you sell.

4. Sell Merchandise On Zazzle

For those who have an artistic knack such as painting or sketching, and some understanding of how to convert their artwork to digital format, selling merchandise on Zazzle is a great option.

Basically by giving Zazzle the rights to your artwork they can print this on various products like t-shirts and coffee mugs along with ship it to the customer, and for every sale made you earn a percentage of this.

There is no limit for how much you can earn as some Zazzle artists make up to $150,000 per year while others only achieve a hobby income. If you are an artist you might consider signing up to Zazzle.com to boost your sales. There are sellers who have made this a fulltime income.

5. Sell Quote Printables

If you have a knack for design and can think of simple, written quotes that people might like to display, then creating quote printables might be an option for you.

There are several guides online with suggestions of online design tools recommending websites for fonts, images, and vectors that can be used to create your design.

Once you have a finished product you might consider selling it online. Most printables will usually fetch between $5-$25 per sale and can be sold on art sites such as Cafepress.com and Society6.com. This can be a hell of a way to make a full-time income, fun too!

6. Become An Online Tutor

With a degree or at least two years’ worth of study on a particular subject you may want to consider online tutoring as a side hustle.

Either you can create your own website and Facebook page, or you might prefer to sign up with sites such as Tutor.com or TutorVista.com that match you up with students and pay you directly.

Depending on your experience and reputation you can expect to earn from $15-$40 per hour. Online tutors/teachers will always be in high demand. If you are money motivated you can definitely make bank doing this!

7. Sell Handmade Items On Etsy

Another one for the artsy people with crocheting, or other crafts, try selling items on Etsy.

Etsy has all the potential to make a very good income. Through cross-marketing techniques and providing customer-focused sales, you can domain! If you have the skills and a little bit of business acumen there is potential to earn unlimited income with Etsy.com.

8. Sell Services On Fiverr

If you have skills in design, writing, data entry, marketing, making music, or practically anything, you can sell your services at a price of your choice.

There are no signup fees for Fiverr.com but due to the number of people on there, it pays to have a profile that is on point and good ratings so you receive good remuneration.

Some of the top sellers make over $50,000 a year. Fiverr is a great stepping stone for any new freelancer. Not to mention it’s an excellent way to network to build your business.

My only beef with Fiverr is that they take a pretty big chunk of your earning for their platform fee.

9. Reseller

With some good marketing skills and cash flow to purchase items in bulk, it is possible to buy discounted items and then sell individually on eBay or other platforms for a profit.

The items can be listed at either set prices or put up for auction, but there may be a percentage of profits that go to eBay for items sold.

People have been making money from eBay and sites like this for years. You can truly earn quite the income from becoming a reseller.

10. Be An Expert

If you have good knowledge of a particular topic, you may be able to make money answering personalized questions on sites like JustAnswer.com or Maven.

Answering questions on a community website can fetch you between $5-$25 per answer depending on your expertise.

You can build a nice following doing this. Then expand to working more sites or creating a website dedicated to your field of expertise. Opening the doors to earn more money.

11. Create Phone Apps

For people with knowledge of app design and coding, there is good potential to make money designing apps sold or downloaded from Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

While having some app design knowledge is a bonus, it isn’t necessary as there are app design websites that can help you to build an app. In addition to Google Play or App Store profits, you can create further monetization by using AdMob and accumulating profits for ads viewed or clicked in your app.

How much you can earn largely will depend on the type of app and popularity of it.

12. Start A YouTube Channel

Even with only basic skills in creating videos, if you have a passion or interesting topic to talk about it’s possible to make a good income on YouTube.

YouTubers make great money but just be patient. Like anything, you have to build an audience and deliver strong content. It just requires hard work but you can do it.

You will have to work on your Youtube channel and create videos for a long time to build followers and gain a certain number of likes before it is even possible to get a paycheck.

Just remember once you get into the flow of things and begin getting views, it’s going to be smooth sailing.

13. Create An Online Course

If waiting for likes and followers isn’t your thing, but you have valuable guides or knowledge that you can pass onto other people then creating an online course might be another option.

On sites like Udemy and Teachable you can create courses for people to buy and make a profit.

Your income potential depends on what you sell your courses for and how many people are buying it, but $555 million has been made collectively by sellers on Teachable to date so the earning potential is there.

14. Create Your eBooks

For babes with knowledge on a particular subject or a business that might be able to gain extra sales through products, you can easily create eBooks and hardcopy books online without the need for a publisher.

Using platforms like KDP and CreateSpace both powered by Amazon, you can create books and sell them on the Amazon market.

The bonus to this over using a publisher is if you create hardcopies you will only be charged for books that have sold.

15. Create Audiobooks

If you aren’t much of a writer, but you have valuable information to share it is possible to use a platform like ACX to create an audiobook that can be sold on Audible or iTunes.

The earning potential for this can be pretty great if you have extensive skills and knowledge to offer. You can also make money narrating audiobooks too!

16. Become A Freelance Writer

With platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer and a passion for writing you can earn money writing articles for bloggers, businesses or even ghostwriting for well-known authors.

The earning potential for this largely depends on your experience, but from $5-50 an article as a side hustle it can help create extra income for you.

If you want to get serious about your writing, start a website, and find clients. Writing is an extremely profitable career for freelancers. Becoming a writer is a major hustle.

17. Write Resumes

If you have skills putting together a good CV, it’s possible to make money by creating resumes for people. You can advertise your services on professional sites like LinkedIn or Fiverr, for a set price.

You can create a business dedicated to creating resumes and offer other services in addition to resume writing.

18. Become A Virtual Assistant

If you have qualifications in business administration and experience in customer service, you may be able to land yourself a gig working as a virtual assistant. Companies such as Fancy Hands and Smith.ai.

The downside to virtual assistant work is sometimes you may have set working hours and limited flexibility. However, your earning potential can be comparable to what you get in an onsite job.

19.Start a Blog

Without a doubt, blogging is one of the best ways to make money online! The earning potential is literally endless.

To start blogging it’s important to find a good niche that you can post quality content about. Once you have a blog and begin to drive traffic, the ways to monetize are endless.

Yes, it takes time but you can make over six figures with a successful blog. It’s all about giving your audience what they want!

20. VoiceOver Actor

As a voice actor, your voice can be used in animation movies, basic voice-overs for commercials, or narration for films.

If you feel that you have a good range or mimicry ability and either recording equipment or a willingness to buy, this may be a way to earn those extra dollars from home.

On sites like VoiceBunny.com ,you can create a profile and find gigs advertised. The potential to earn varies, but with big commercial jobs, you will find that you make more money. It can totally be a full-time business if you want it to be.

21.Sell Nudes

That’s right we said it! Sell your damn nudes! Some of our Bank Babes have no problem with getting to their bag in the form of adult work.

Sites like OnlyFans and ELM pay out millions to their performers. Women are making over six figures selling their sexy pictures and videos. Cam models are making a killing right now.

Never, underestimate the wallet of a horny man. Even in a pandemic, sex sells. Now is the best time to take total advantage. This can for sure be a full-time business for any money-motivated babe.

This isn’t for everyone, but to anyone curious and a sexually adventurous. It’s for sure something to be considered.

No matter what your skill or interest, if you are looking for a side hustle that can turn into a full-time income. Chances are it exists it’s just a matter of finding it.

While some jobs are better paying and easier to get into than others, there are plenty of opportunities out there to make some cash, and possibly change your career in the process!

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