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Starting A Hair Business

how to start a hair business

In 2018, the global hair care and beauty industry were estimated to be worth over $87.9 billion. By 2023, the global hair wig & extension market will be valued over $10 billion! That’s more than enough money for us all to make it!

These statistics depict a bright future for this industry. The number of players in the industry is also increasing; thus, competition is also high. However, a highly competitive market should never discourage you from starting your online hair business.

Women love choices! Do you only buy one kind of lipstick? Or only shop with one clothing designer? Hell no! Most women, enjoy trying new retailers, in hopes of finding their new faves! Hair and lashes are no different. It’s all about variety and quality.

The increasing demand for high-quality human hair extensions, mink eyelashes, and wigs across the globe presents a considerable opportunity for beauty manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of these products.

The hair industry is booming right now, and definitely won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Now is the perfect time to learn how to start your online hair business. In most cases you can start a online hair and lash business with little to no money upfront.

So Babe, if you are ready to be your own boss and you want to start an online hair and lashes business this insanely detailed guide will offer practical steps that will help start a bomb ass hair business and make the money you deserve!

Start with Market Research

Before venturing into selling hair and eyelashes online, you need to gather adequate information about the business and industry. It’s essential to research the various types of products in the market, like what kind of hair sells the most? Brazillian hair? Malaysian hair? Or what type of eyelashes are hot right now? Mink? Magnetic? You want to know what customers are buying online, and capitalize on it.

Read extensively about cosmetology from blogs, hair care eBooks and also consult with reputable hair stylists. You can also join online forums dedicated to this topic to find out which products are in high demand.

The information will assist you in locating your target audience, their persona, and overall buying habits. Understanding your customers’ needs is the first step in launching a successful hair and lash online business.

Create an Action Plan

An action plan for your business will help in offering the steps you need to take to realize your dream. This plan is similar to a business plan for those planning to begin a physical store.

It should be detailed enough with goals to meet and the deadlines. It will help you in evaluating your progress and making the right corrections when required. Things your action plan should consist of is are:

  • List all your business goals. Such as; where do you see the business this time next year? How many sales are you aiming for each month? etc.
  • Make a list of what sacrifices will have to be made for this business.
  • Write out your marketing strategy and budget. Address questions like, How do you plan on promoting your hair business? Can you afford paid influencer promotion? How will people find my website?
  • Plan what needs to be done each day to gain exposure to your products. How many times do you need to post on your social media a day? Do you need to plan to give away? Do you need to create hair promo videos on Youtube each week?
  • What products do you need to launch your online hair business? Who are your vendors? What are you looking for in these vendors (ie: location, order minimum, quality of hair, etc)
  • How can you consistently scale up your hair business? For example, can you sell small accessories in addition to hair? Or how about adding bundle deals? Plan how you can always monetize and upgrade your products.

Business Name/Logo

Once your action plan is in place, it’s time to choose your business name alongside your logo. It must be catchy enough to create a lasting memory in your customers and prospects, whether they encounter it on your website or elsewhere.

Try to stay away from generic boring names like “Hair and Lashes R Us” or something lame like that. Instead, keep it simple and creative so your target audience can easily identify your brand from others.

When you find a name that suits your business, the first thing you want to do is check to make sure the domain (the name of your website) doesn’t belong to another company.

To check your website’s name availability you can get on a site like Bluehost or Namecheap. I personally, love Bluehost. They make it easy to find out if your website name is available and it’s also super cheap!

I would definitely suggest using them to host your website. Use this link to get a discounted hosting package starting at $3.95 for the year!

To check the availability of your website, try entering the name of your online hair business in the box below. Bluehost will then tell you instantly if that name is already taken.

As for your logo, it’s advisable to have at least two logos that will be ideal for the different social medial platforms. If you have a problem coming up with a logo for your online hair and lash store, you can seek the help of trustworthy graphic designers.

An affordable site to find freelancers who can make you a kick-ass logo is Fiverr. You can get a logo made for as cheap as $5. Just remember, you get what you pay for so, keep your expectations realistic.

Business and Wholesaler’s License

If you have the cash available, I highly suggest getting your business and wholesaler’s license. This will give you access to buying premium hair and supplies in bulk for cheap. Having your business license is usually required in most states, to operate your business.

Also, getting your LLC (limited liability company) is super important. This will protect your assets, in case you ever get sued by a customer or someone regarding your business.

This means they can’t go after your actual assets like your house or cars. It’s basically providing protection for your business, which is a definite must.

Choosing Hair and Eyelash Vendors

The success of your online business will rely highly on the quality of the product you’ll be stocking in your online hair store. Search for the top and renowned manufacturers of human and synthetic hair across the globe such as Saga, Milkway, Bohyme, Great lengths, Godrej, etc.

Set up wholesale accounts with these vendors. Settle for high quality but affordable products for your store. Interestingly most of the reputable manufacturers for these products are based in Asia and not Europe or the USA.

Some of these vendors will require you to have your wholesalers license or proof of business. This is why I say if you can get your LLC and wholesalers license upfront- Do it! It’s well worth it to get it out the way when you are first starting out.

Don’t worry if you can’t get your LLC or wholesalers license just yet. There are vendors who will sell products to you without it.

 When sourcing for eyelashes, note they come in varying sizes, styles, color, thickness, and shape. Your aim should be to get high-quality lashes for your customers.

Eyelashes can sell for dirt cheap but beware of shitty quality. Ask for samples from the manufacturer before deciding to purchase the goods in large quantities.

Compare the products from different suppliers in terms of quality, price, and reliability. Some samples will be free or offered at a discounted price, you will most likely just pay shipping and handling.

Most of these vendors accept PayPal, or credit card payments. Some vendors may ask you to send payment via Moneygram or western union. Be sure to do your research on your vendors’ BEFORE you send any sort of payment.

Creating a Website Or Online Store

You can create your website from scratch or hire a web designer to handle the task. For example, you can contract reputable web designers with extensive experience designing websites for hair extension businesses, salon owners, and stylists.

If you chose to create your website, ensure it’s informative and has an excellent design. It should also be mobile-friendly. You can find web designers on sites like, Fiverr, or Upwork.

After creating the website, learn how to drive traffic to the site. Blogging is one of the top ways of driving traffic to your hair and lashes website. When creating content for the site, consider what information your target clients would want to read.

For example, you can create content about hair and eyelashes tips, hair care hacks, testimonials from your clients, or any other topics that are related to your business. Content is king, Babe! Post quality content, to back up your quality products.

Also, take time to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get information on how to make your site rank highly on search engines like Google.

Choosing a Platform

There are some great platforms out there to have your website on. Some of those platforms include WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Big Cartel, and Wix, among others.

Shopify and WordPress are the most popular platforms for online stores due to their incredible features, including ease of use.

About 25% of websites are hosted on WordPress, making it the ideal pick for most individuals. The right platform should enable you to blog about your products, optimize SEO, and meet the needs of your clients. The main limitation with Shopify is you have to use their payment methods.

Product & Customer Photos

When starting a hair or lash business it is essential to have high-quality images of these products on your website. Since you’re selling the products online, your customers can’t feel or touch the products; they only rely on the photos displayed on your site.

Post photos and videos that show the length, curl pattern, color, and thickness of the hair. For eyelashes post pictures and videos that will show the style and length of lashes on and off the eye.

Consider including some photos of your customers wearing the hair or lashes to showcase how your products look on people. But ensure you have permission from the client before using their photo on your site or social media.

In this respect, it’s crucial to invest in a high-quality camera, lighting, and photo editing software. Your smartphone may not be equal to this task. A great way of making the best from these photos is to check what your competitors are doing.

A big way to promote your hair and lash store is by contacting influencers to be a brand ambassadors. These are social media personalities who can do short videos or promo post for you on their websites or social media accounts.

Prices for this sort of promotion depends on the influencer’s rates. It’s safe to say the more followers and online engagement they have, the hiring the cost. Try to stick with influencers who have between 7-20k followers or very affordable rates in the beginning.

Once everything above is in place, girl, it’s time to launch your store!

Starting A Hair Business With No Money

So what if you have no money to start your hair or lash business? That’s no biggie! It’s totally possible to start your online hair and eyelashes business without money.

It’s a lovely thing called dropshipping. Dropshipping is when a customer purchases a product from your store, you forward the order to a third-party – either a supplier or manufacturer- and they’ll ship the product directly to your client.

Easy AF.

The process starts with the customer ordering and paying for a product. You then forward the customer details, including the payment and shipping address to the manufacturer. In turn, you get a commission for the service.

This is the best way to start your online business without or with little capital. To be successful in dropshipping, you must work with reputable and trustworthy hair and eyelash drop shippers and suppliers. Sites like Dropship Bundles or Pretty Hair Dropship are great for newbies.

This will guarantee your customers will get high-quality goods and avoid negative feedback and unwarranted complaints that may ruin your business. It’s tasking to build a reputation, especially for startups; therefore, you must do all you can to guard your reputation.

Branding Your Hair Business

Branding your hair and lashes business goes beyond a nice logo. If you win in creating a strong brand, you’ll have minimal issues making sales. Branding will reflect your values, overall voice, and intentions. It’s what your customer perceives about you when they see your product.

The packaging is a vital part of branding. When your client receives the hair extensions or eyelashes box, what do they see? A poorly packaged product will deliver the wrong message about your brand. For example, if your customer’s family and friends see raggedy dookie brown bland packaging, do you think it attracts them to consider becoming your clients?

Again, nobody will buy hair extensions or lashes and remain indoors or not take any pictures. How people look and feel when they wear your hair out and about is key to marketing your brand.

If they look good in your products, others will be attracted to purchase your products. Branding your hair and lashes is critical for the success of your online store.

Marketing your Business

If you have a physical store for your hair and lashes, you’d probably consider a fashion show, a hair show, or a related event to market your products. This may not be the case with an online hair store.

In this case, most of your marketing efforts will be dedicated to online marketing. Creating a website for your hair and lashes is just the first step in marketing your products. You must actively publicize the site, especially via social media.

Create a content marketing strategy for your online hair and eyelashes store. It should include various forms of content such as YouTube tutorial videos, email newsletters, blog posts, etc. All these strategies should aim at increasing your online brand visibility and raise your profile.

Some of the marketing strategies that will yield incredible results include starting a blog and sharing posts frequently on your social media pages. It’s essential to create social media pages/ accounts for your brand.

You can also consider posting content and answering questions in forums that are related to hair and lashes. Guest posting can also help you to direct traffic to your website. Your social media pages must remain active and responsive to your customers’ needs and concerns.

Social media platforms present an excellent opportunity of reaching a wider audience and making conversions. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the leading avenues where you can publicize your online store. Engage with your followers and constantly post fresh content, like memes or tips.

A big way to promote your hair and eyelash store is by contacting influencers to be brand ambassadors. These are social media personalities who can do short videos or promo post for you on their websites or social media accounts.

Prices for this sort of promotion depends on the influencer’s rates. It’s safe to say the more followers and online engagement they have, the hiring the cost. Try to stick with influencers who have between 7-20k followers or very affordable rates in the beginning.

Also, consider email marketing, for each visitor to your website, treat them as potential customers, and prompt them to provide their email address.

Using these email addresses creates a list; you’ll be posting news and other related information to your clients regularly, For example, if you have a new product or a promotion, send this information to your clients via email. It’s one of the fastest and best ways to promote your products.

Babe, you are now fully equipped with all the information you need to launch a profitable hair and eyelash online business!

And because we want our Bank Babes to succeed, we comprised a list of vendors who specialize in hair, eyelashes, makeup, and clothing! Our free list of vendors will help kick start your online business!


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