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HubSpot Is Hiring!

HubSpot is a lead developer of software marketing products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. They’re currently looking for Technical Support agents to join their work-from-home team!

Spoiler Alert! Must be located on the West Coast for this role.

Here are some of the juicy details the company gives about the position:

Technical Support Agent

“As a Remote Customer Support Specialist, you will provide a helping hand to our customers who are growing their business with HubSpot. 

Our team delivers a human and consultative support experience through creative, technical problem-solving and a thorough knowledge of how the HubSpot software works”

Job Duties

  • Maintain comprehensive knowledge of HubSpot to diagnose software issues, engaging with our product and engineering teams to solve more complex product issues
  • Collaborate with account managers or sales teams to identify opportunities for existing customers to use more services
  • Provide support & guidance to marketers, salespeople, and service professionals across our customer base that use the HubSpot software
  • Help customers navigate a variety of tools & features within HubSpot
  • Communicate thoughtful, customized solutions that help customers move forward and grow their business


  • Possess technical aptitude or familiarity with software concepts
  • Are interested in building technical knowledge around APIs, HTML, & CSS
  • Have demonstrated experience in customer service and are passionate about the customer experience
  • Can autonomously troubleshoot and further investigate to fix a problem
  • Adapt quickly to changing priorities and customer needs 
  • Have remote experience or an ability to be self-sufficient and autonomous to meet goals in a remote setting


You must be located in the following time zones.

  • Pacific Time
  • Mountain Time
  • Central Time

Pay + Benefits

Pay is estimated to start at $17-19 per hour. Benefits are offered for this role after a predetermined amount of time.

Shift + Schedule

Couldn’t find any details about the shifts or scheduling. But in a virtual call center like setting, we always assume the hours are going to vary.

More To Know

HubStop has a unique application process. You will have to answer a few written questions after reviewing some information about the job.

As part of the application process, we ask that you complete a brief exercise outlined below. This exercise closely matches what you might do in the role and allows us to get to know you beyond just a resume

Looks pretty easy, just make sure to be as detailed as possible when doing this part of the application.


If you are interested in this position then apply! The pay is great and they’re hiring rapidly! Go get the job!




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