Make Money Blogging! Start A Blog and Never Be Broke Again!

With all the madness that’s going on in the world today, one thing is for sure- we all need a recession-proof source of income. A way of earning money that will secure us financially for years to come.

Not only from a financial aspect but what about if you absolutely hate your 9-5? Sometimes our happiness is way more important than money (even during an economic crisis.)

I know first hand what it feels fucking hate your job. Like, to wake up every day knowing in a few hours I’ll be enslaved behind an outdated computer, trapped inside of an office to a job that destroyed mental health.

Yup- been there! It was a freaking shit show.

So what’s the big solution? How can we secure the bag for a lifetime, and never have to EVER worry about working a job we hate, again?

There are many solutions, but the biggest and most profitable choice would have to be blogging! Starting a blog will change your freaking life!

Imagine having the freedom to express yourself how you want, being a valuable resource for your audience, and having total financial independence for you and your family.

Like, that’s one serious way to boss up your life!

I’m sure you’re wondering, “How do I make money from blogging?” Or is blogging in 2020 even a still a thing? (quick answer: girl, hell yes!)

There is a ton of information that you can find online for a beginning blogging. Most of it doesn’t even begin to cover in depth what it takes.

The life of a millennial woman is demanding and has its challenges. Our time is valuable and shouldn’t be wasted surfing the web reading countless articles that really never help us. New bloggers want to know the REAL way to earn money with a blog business.

I have been blogging for a long time and I absolutely love every aspect of it. However, there are those newbies who struggle as the market has become highly competitive.

Worry not Babe! I created this jam-packed article as a detailed guide, that will give you a step by step break down on creating and maintaining a profitable blog!

How to Start a Blog

After blogging for many years, I definitely know what a beginner like you needs. This is a sector that isn’t easy but it’s not so complex as well. You simply need to understand the core requirements. You’re lucky because I am going to talk to you through it.

1.Choose A Blog Niche And Name

This is the first step that you need to consider. From experience, I’d recommend that the blog name should compliment your niche. Getting the perfect name for your blog may take some time.

Don’t rush it! You want to make sure it’s something you can easily brand and overall reflects your niche.

A blog niche is a general topic that you’ll be focusing your blog content around. You can blog about whatever you want! It can be about motherhood, the life of a career woman, technology, travel, or health among others. It can seriously be about ANYTHING!

But you shouldn’t just choose any niche. The online market is highly competitive. Your blog’s niche is so important, it’s going to play a huge part in how you monetize and create content. Here are some super practical but insanely helpful tips that can guarantee you find a profitable niche.

  • Choose a Topic That Your Know and Love!

You will find it easier to blog if you choose a niche that you enjoy talking about! When I was just starting out, I was torn between writing my life experiences or just lifestyle topics. Eventually, I chose life experiences because this was something that I could go on and on about.

It didn’t feel like “work” because it was something I enjoyed. The content flowed like water! I knew how to connect with my potential audience because I was connected to my content, I was living it!

I would advise you to write down all the topics that you are considering, then eliminate them one by one depending on how much you like and know them.

For example, if you’re obsessed with baking and have a true passion for it – that’s your niche! The money will come, you just have to find your area of expertise.

  • Do Comprehensive Research

Like I said previously, blogging is highly competitive. Basically, everything you want to talk about is already on the web. So what makes someone click your link as opposed to someone else offering the same content?

How you put your content across is what makes it unique and deliverable. Its the difference between you and them- literally. Comprehensive market research is, therefore, needed. But trust me it’s way easier than you think.

When doing my marketing research, I normally start my search by using Google Trends. Just type in the topic that you want to write about to check if people have an interest in the topic and how many of them are searching for it. I would suggest doing this for every topic you decide to blog about.

  • Go for a Small Niche That’s Profitable

I am sure that you probably wanted to start with a niche that a lot of people are talking about, right? Well…well… that’s not the best idea. For example, if you search on Google “how to cook”, you are going to get more than a hundred million results in seconds.

This is just a very broad topic. On the flip side, if you scroll down to the bottom of the search engine results, you will find related terms such as “how to cook spaghetti”, “learn how to cook for beginners”, and others. Use them as cues for your topic/niche.

Why? Because it narrows down your audience to a specific group of people. It also helps you rank faster for that specific topic.

So let’s say you change your broad baking niche to a smaller niche like “Vegan baking.” This would help set you apart from your competition because your niche is geared towards a unique audience.

Your blog would be filled with vegan related baking recipes and topics. You would eventually start to rank for that smaller niche. Way faster than you would for a massively searched niche like “baking.”

Starting to make sense? A little bit? Promise it gets much easier once you start your blog!

2. Find a Hosting Platform

Now that we know the niche you want to focus on and we have the name of your blog, we should go ahead and get your blog online! I know you might be worried about the technical aspect of this but it’s actually very easy! (pinky promise it is!)

There are two ways of getting a blog to run efficiently online: hosting and software. But you don’t need to worry about both of them as they usually come in the form of a package.

A blog host is basically a company that stores all your blog files and then delivers them to your audience. In short, it just means that you must have a blog host to get your blog up and running online.

There are so many great hosting platforms out there. I have had experiences with quite a few host but my absolute fave would be Bluehost.

What I love about BlueHost:

  • They have a beginner-friendly user interface. Their cPanel is very easy to learn and use.
  • The company will register your blog site’s name free of charge.
  • They have a 24/7 customer service with multiple channels of communication
  • In case you are not satisfied with their hosting services, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • BlueHost offers simple and free installation of WordPress software
  • It’s the recommended blog host by WordPress

To use BlueHost:

  • Go to
  • Choose a plan that suits your needs and budget. There are three plans i.e. basic, plus, and choice plus. I recommend the basic plan because it would suit a beginner blogger.
  • Key in your domain name or you can create a new domain name.
  • Next, add your billing details and, thereafter, choose your hosting package options
  • Create your account and password

If you are interested in trying BlueHost as your hosting provider. The Pink Piggy Bank is offering a discount of $3.95 a month! Perfect for babes on a blogging budget.

Note: we are going to talk more about Domain Name and blogging platforms in the next sections.

3. Select a Domain Name

Do you know what a domain name is? Simply put- it’s your blog’s name in the form of a URL. Basically its what you should type in a web browser address bar to be taken to a specific website.

For instance, Google’s domain name is It’s a unique web address that can’t be shared with any other website. To put it even simpler, its what the world will use to access your blog.

Now, if you’re wondering if the domain name and website are the same- they’re not. The domain name and website are separate entities. You can change or alter your website at any time without being required to change your domain name and vice versa.

There are a million places online to get a domain name. I have tried using several domain name providers, but in my opinion, NameCheap is the best so far. I like to go for affordable and reliable. NameCheap offers both and then some.

NameCheap offers superior services and client support. You can find one of a kind domain names that suit your niche. It’s a pretty straight forward and easy process. The company has thousands of domains including .com, .us, and .net among others. I always recommend going for “.com” instead of .net,.org, etc.)

NameCheap has popular domains and offers them at competitive prices, I love the fact that they have a domain price tool that you can use to save money. Like I mentioned before, its plenty of domain providers to choose from so make sure you find the provider that works best for you.

Bulletproof your Domain for $4.88 a year

4.Blogging Platform

Ok, so you got your domain name, you have registered it with BlueHost, (your blog site hosting platform) Now its time for the next steps!

That next step being, blogging platforms! Or also know as blogging software. A blogging platform or software is where you will create and post your blog.

There are plenty of platforms to choose from like WordPress, Wix, Blogger, or Weebly.

WordPress is an old reliable, and my personal fave! Of course, you have the choice of whatever blogging software you like, so just be sure to take your time and do your research.

Let’s talk integration, once you have chosen a blogging platform you will need to connect it to your host. BlueHost and WordPress make it super freaking easy to get your site integrated.

Once you have purchased your BlueHost plan, log in to your account, and then click on “Install WordPress” found under the website menu. WordPress will ask you for a username and password and once you set all these up, then you’re ready to go.

Thankfully most blogging platforms make connecting with your host a breeze. Just follow the directions given by your blogging platform. In most cases its a one-click integration.

Best Blogging Platform?

WordPress has always been my go-to, so maybe I am a bit bias on this one. But WordPress is one of the most popular sites among bloggers in 2020.

Has to be a reason don’t you think?

Why do over 96% of bloggers use WordPress?

WordPress is widely recognized worldwide as one of the best user-friendly blogging platforms on the market. Best of all it’s totally free! WordPress has been around for over a decade, they’re like the OG of blogging platforms.

WordPress has an open-source CMS and this means that its building code is free and all users can easily access it. You can easily create a blog without any code or tech knowledge. There is also plenty of free plugins and themes you can choose to get your blog started.

When we are creating content, we want something that will rank high on a search engine. But the type of blogging software is also crucial as it helps to determine the search engine ranking. WordPress works perfectly in sync with search engines thanks to its highly responsive design that enhances optimization.

As time goes by, you’ll get more comfortable using WordPress, including how to change the appearance and installing plugins to alter various functionalities. The same goes for any platform you choose, practice makes perfect!

5. Create Incredible Ass Content!

Did you hear that? I said, “CREATE INCREDIBLE ASS CONTENT!”

Your audience wants to read something that keeps them engaged, so give it to them! Half ass articles that only give them bits of the facts, is no Bueno, Sis!

There is a lot that goes into creating quality content. Sometimes I spend hours and days behind my desk just doing research in order to come up with stellar content.

That’s why I said at the start that you need to find a niche that you love. Because no one is going to spend hours every week researching and writing about something that they’re not interested in.

You want your content to be relatable to your audience. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential audience, what sort of things are they looking for online? What are there struggles and how can you help?

I normally choose a maximum of two objectives so that my content can have a specific strategy. After that, I perform target market research.

Some example questions for doing your target market research would be:

  • Where will the majority of your audience be based?
  • What social platforms are popular with your audience?
  • When are they most likely to be online (days, times)
  • What kind of devices does your target audience use?
  • What target Keywords are they searching?

TF is a Keyword?

A keyword is a word used to find information when researching.

When it comes to content creation, keywords and high-ranking content are like bread and butter. I used to worry so much about my website’s poor ranking on search results. I mean stressing the hell out!

Soon I came to realize one thing that I was doing wrong -not using the right keywords! How were people ever going to find my site organically if I didn’t put the words they were looking for in my content!

So basic but shit, you don’t know until you know! Live and learn.

Anyways, once I started using them, it’s been easy to rank on top. As I mentioned, a keyword is just a significant word or phrase that people use for information researching.

For example, if you are writing a topic about “how to bake vegan cookies“, then the keywords should include something like “healthy vegan cookies”.

There are many online tools that you can use for keyword research in order to produce mind-blowing content. Most require you to pay but offer free trial periods. However, if you are tight on cash you can use Ubersuggest to do some basic keyword research.

Also, make it a habit of incorporating visual media into your content. When writing my posts, I always try to add in pictures, gifs, and sometimes videos. This is because research indicates that consumers can remember up to 65% of visual content compared to just 10% of texts.

6.Content Promotion

Content promotion, also known as marketing, has become an important aspect of e-commerce. Social media platforms have provided a nice and easier way to promote content. You can create ads or share/retweet posts.

Make your content searchable by using on- and off-page SEO tactics. Don’t forget that you can set up a mailing list of your audience where you share content with them directly. You just have to create a lead magnet to capture their emails.

How to make money blogging

There are those who write blog posts for fun or just as a hobby, then there are those of us who have an interest in making money from blogging. I know you’re curious about how to start making money with your blog. There are several ways to do this:

  • Adding an affiliate marketing link to your article. So, every time a reader clicks on the link and makes a purchase you earn a commission. (This great article by The Comma Mama goes over this topic in full detail. )
  • Create your own store or shop onto your blog
  • Selling Ebooks or Printables
  • Converting blog content to Youtube videos
  • Selling a banner advert space on your website to brands that relate to your content.
  • Sponsored content i.e. paid adverts in the form of blog posts
  • Writing guest blog posts for established media outlets
  • Courses, training and mentoring

Quick Tip: If you are wondering where to find affiliate offers to promote. You can try affiliate networks like Share-a-sale or Flex Offers to start. Or you can type into google your “niche + affiliate programs” to see what else is out there.

You can also check out this quick 5 point guide on the top things your website needs to be profitable here.


Ok, good point! If you have no money to get started with your blog that’s no problem! You can start a blog with no money! It’s basically all the same steps that I mentioned above, only you will not purchase a domain or hosting.

Instead, you’ll be using your blogging software’s free version. For example, WordPress makes it beyond easy to set up a free account and start blogging. The downside is you will have limited space since you be using WordPress’s hosting as opposed to your own.

Also, your domain name will have “WordPress” in the title until you upgrade. So it will look like this:

Of course, if you have the funds to buy your own hosting and domain name, definitely do it! It will make things so much easier for you down the line.

Go Time, Baby!

Babe, we’ve come so far, but sadly we have reached the end of this guide. I hope you are excited about starting your blogging journey!

Understanding the basics of blogging and using effective keyword research will take you to new heights as a blogger.

You can 100% make money from blogging, you can change your life and never look back! So what’s stopping you starting your blog?

Yes, its a competitive market but you have universal favor and talent! You’re going to kill this shit! Now start blogging!


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