Legit Or Bulls**t? |Getting Paid To Watch TikTok Videos???

Get Paid To Watch Videos!

So if you’ve been on social media lately you’ve probably noticed some of your friends posting some intriguingly scammy status like “Make money watching TikTok videos! Ask me how!” or something of that variation.

For most of us that immediately sends a red flag. Shit like that is never that easy, or is it?

Well, that’s why I figured it was time for me to do some research and Babes, the results are a bit shocking.

Zynn App Review

First things first, TikTok is not associated with this gig in any way. The Zynn app is the platform that is offering money in exchange for video views.

Zynn is a new app that is basically a replica of TikTok. It’s clear they are trying to become a direct competitor with the popular dance app. Hence to why they’re paying for views right now.

So, I figured I’d give this app a try. Why the hell not, right?

I decided to download the Zynn app. The first thing I noticed about this app was how good it looks! It gives major TikTok vibes, but in a good way! It’s definitely user friendly and won’t take long to learn how to navigate the app.

How Does The Zynn App Work?

You’ll make money by watching short videos (must watch at least 20 seconds to get paid for that video.) You can also earn money by referring your friends to the app.

The more videos you watch, the more cash gets deposited into your rewards bank.

How Much Can I Make With Zynn?

The Zynn app gives you $1.00 for signing up and another $1.00 for using a friend’s referral code. The amount of money you get per video varies. You can expect to earn a few cents per video.

You can also earn up to $110 for referring 5 friends. After that, you can earn around $6 per referral.

The catch is your friends have to watch at least 20 seconds of a few videos for you to get your referral credit.

Referrals would be the best way to make the most money on this app.

Zynn App Referral Code

Everyone who signs up for the app will get a unique referral code. This code is important because it’s going to help you generate more money.

Your friends must enter your code in order for you to get credit for their sign up.

Make sure you promote your code to your friends and followers on social media. The key to this is being straight forward, don’t say misleading things like “make millions with this app” or anything silly like that.

Instead, give them the facts in a short and sweet post. Then if they have questions tell them to inbox you and then give your referral code. You can also promote your Zynn referral code on forums and Facebook groups.

Just don’t spam, nobody likes a spammer, and it will ruin your credibility for new sign-ups.

Fine Print

Here are a few things I thought it was important to point out with this new app. A lot of people have said that they are having some issues with the app freezing or miscalculating their earnings.

If this happens to you report it to the developer in the app store. Hopefully, this is just a glitch since the app is so new, still a bit disappointing though.

There is also a limit to how much you can watch/earn per day. However, right now there is no limit on how many friends you can refer to the app.

Is The Zynn App Legit?

Too legit!

Yeah, you won’t earn thousands or probably not even hundreds. But, if you just want to make a few extra dollars each month, this is a really cool option.

I have to admit, I had my doubts- I thought for sure this was bullshit. I was proven wrong, Babes! The app is actually kinda fun once you get started.

So should you download the Zynn app and earn a few quick bucks watching short videos?

Absolutely! There’s nothing like Free Money!


Ready to download the app? Click the link below and if you found this article helpful please use my referral code!

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Love the Zynn app? Hate it? We wanna know!

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