16 Ways To Earn $500 A Month

In this time we are living in right now, securing several ways to earn money is damn near a necessity.

With the rise in the cost of living, having kids, going to college, or just the unexpected craziness of life, you need solid ways to bring in more cash.

That’s why this list of 16 stupid easy ways to make an extra $500 a month will be your saving grace!

When it comes to side gigs, and making money from home, The Pink Piggy Bank has your back!

Trust us when we say, doing one or all of these things on this list will make a big difference in your monthly earnings!

1.   Pet sitting

Most pet owners who work full time do not have enough time to walk their dogs. You can start walking dogs in your spare time and earn easy money!

If you charge $10 per hour to walk a dog, you will make $50 every week. You can walk up to four dogs each day, which will give you $200 a week and a total of $600 each month!

When individuals travel or go on vacations, they need people to feed their pets and take walks.

Some people will give you their pets when they travel and come for them when they are back.

When you take a pet home, you can charge up to $500 for a month’s stay with their pets.

2.   Babysitting

There is always someone looking for a baby sitter. You can take up babysitting jobs if you are good with kids.

This will give you a pretty decent extra income. You can always babysit for people who want to go out to dinner without the kids. Or anyone who just needs a babysitter for the day.

You can also take up babysitting for single parents who need help with balancing work and watching the kids.

If you charge $10 to $30 an hour for babysitting, take up this job twice or three times a week.

You will make up to $180 a week, and this will give you between 500 to $720 a month. Ensure that you get enough babysitting jobs by creating a good relationship with the parents.

They will always call you to babysit whenever they are leaving the house.

3.   Start A Blog

Blogging is not just a hobby; for many people, it is also a source of income.

It is easy to start a blog and run it while doing other kinds of work. Think about something you love.

It can be fashion, gardening, hiking, exercise, photography, relationships, or anything you like.

 You can get a simple blog for as low as $3 and a free domain. If you get 50000 views a month, you will make between $500 or more in a month.

You need to ensure that you get many people to follow your blog to make even more.

4.   Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant helps a company by replying to emails, making contracts, doing research, and many more.

Your work is to ensure that the company or business is running smoothly.

You do not have to be in an office to do your job. Depending on the workload and the size of the company, the virtual assistant gets up to $125 to $175 a week. This will add up to $500 or $700 a month.

For a list of companies that hire for virtual assistants click here!

5.   Gardening

Everyone loves a good looking garden and yard. They might want to plant beautiful flowers and plants but might not know how to do this.

If you like gardening, you can make an extra income while tending to your garden. Plant some vegetables or even fruits if you have enough space in your backyard.

Then sell them at your local farmers’ market or start your own market and sell what you grow to others.

You can earn up to $450-600 a month easily doing this.

6.   Rent Out A Room

If you have an extra room in your home, you can rent it out to people. It is very common for people today to search for rooms to rent when visiting a new town.

Renting your house on AIR BNB can fetch you up to $150 a week. This will add up to $600 a month.

You can also rent out a room to someone who will pay you a month. If you live alone, you can get a roommate, and you rent out your spare room.

You will make between $450 to $500 a month. Ensure that you include utilities when you are charging your tenant so that you do not incur extra expenses.

7.   Surveys

Many survey companies are always looking for people to participate in their activities. These companies do not just give away gifts when you answer questions.

Some pay you money to participate in the surveys. Depending on the amount of time you put in answering questions, a survey company will pay you $5 to $7 per item you answer.

You can also get a pay according to how many products you test. You can answer up to 10 questions a week and make up to $500 to $700 a month

 Many of these surveys are online. You can earn your income while at home while doing the reviews in your free time. The best part is most of these gigs can be done on your smartphone.

Just make sure that you register and answer any emails they have to participate in as many surveys as you can.

8.   Doing Laundry

Many people are either too busy or too lazy to clean their homes and do laundry properly.

You can have people drop their laundry in your home and pick them up when done with them.

Charge a fee of $100 to $150 a week to do laundry. This will give you an income of $400 to $600 a month.

You can do this work on the weekends when you are free. If you do a great job, you will get regular clients and even referrals.

Just make sure you charge enough to cover you water bill expenses.

9.   Writing and editing

Many people earn a living by writing, blogging, and editing. You can get a few bloggers who are making money online and ask them to write articles for their blogs.

You can also edit for other people and make money. Writing can be fun, especially if you enjoy it. You will get a pay of $20 to $30, depending on your article’s length.

Find sites that pay freelancers to write for them and start writing. You will fetch up to $600 if you do up to 20 pieces in a month.

10.  Tutoring/Online Teacher

 If you have a skill or you are good at a certain subject, you can start tutoring.

It can be anything from martial arts, piano, guitar, helping students to prepare for exams, and many more.

Most tutors charge from $14 to $20 an hour. In one week, you will make $98 to $140.

This adds up to $392 to $ 560 a month. If you charge less, try and tutor more than one person or a kid in a day.

11. Social Media Manager

If you like being in the social media, you can use this to make an extra income.

Many people need an online presence, but they might have too many other activities and jobs taking up their time.

You can manage a website or a site for up to $500 a month. The owners of the accounts will pay you to post and write their thoughts.

If you are good with blog content management or anything like that this is a good way for you to earn extra money each month.

12. Website Testing

You do not need any technical experience to test a website. You get pay of up to $15 for every site you visit.

You will have to review the website and give feedback. You can test as many websites as you can in the comfort of your home. In a week, you should check 10 or 11 sites.

You will make $450 to$620 in a month. Some websites pay $30 an hour; you can also test five or six websites and earn $150 to $180 a week adding up to $450 to $720 a month.

13. Paid To Watch Videos

If you like watching movies and YouTube videos, you can make extra cash while doing so. You can watch movie previews and celebrity videos.

Sites like Swagbucks or Zynn pay you to watch these videos and shows for a certain amount of time.

The earnings vary, and you can make from $200 to $500 every month watching videos.

Most of the videos are 2 minutes long, and you can watch as many as you can in a day. You can do this even while you do your house chores.

14. Cooking

Many people turn their hobbies or passions into successful businesses.

If you like to cook, you can also use this passion to make some money. You can bake and sell your food online.

Instagram and Facebook are great places to start posting pictures of your goodies. Yes – selling food online is totally is a thing!

If you make and sell twenty muffins in a week and charge them and $6 each, you will have $120 every week and a total of $480. Sell your baked goods to parties and other families and make much more.

You must, however, ensure that you follow all the health and safety guidelines in your area.

15. Call Center Agent

This is an easy way of making money while at home. You can work for a remote call center for any company or business without being on their premises.

Many small and medium businesses do not have space to place a proper working call center. You will get a pay of $10 -15 an hour for this type of job.

How much money you make depends on how long you can work. You can work for three hours a day at $10 an hour, earning $30 a day and $150 a week.

This will give you $450 a month if you are working on weekdays. If you work for four hours a day, you will earn an income of $200 and $600 a month.

That’s just on the low end, imagine if you were at $15 an hour or higher!

Remote call centers usually staff for customer service and tech support. These sort of jobs have a high turnover rate but are a good way to bring in quick cash.

16. Text Chat Jobs

Now, this gig is definitely not for my shy or reserved babes out there. Texting jobs are adult gigs that basically pay you to flirt and sext men all day.

Yup, get paid to be a sexting goddess (as if you weren’t already!) Pay varies for this one but depending on the company you can make upwards $500-$1000 a month.

You’ll have to do a lot of texting but ultimately this is a very unique and easy way to bring in extra monthly income.



Whichever way you choose to make an extra $500 a month, is totally up to you! (We don’t judge, sexting queen!)

Girl, you have plenty of choices and you have major skills, so what’s really holding you back?? Let’s get to the money and run it up!


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