Pretty & Profitable| How To Sell Printables Online!

How To Sell Printables Online

Selling printables (aka printable downloads) is probably one of the easiest ways to make money online

As you all know, side hustles and earning money from home are The Pink Piggy Bank’s specialty! 

So it’s only right I put my babes on to one of the best ways to earn cash online with a very minimal start-up! 

Let’s Dive in, shall we?

What Are Printables?

Printables, better known as Printable downloads, are unique pieces of artwork, quotes, workbooks, invitations, visual decor – pretty much anything you can download and print online immediately after purchase.

Why Are Printables So Popular?

Printable downloads are popular because they are so damn convenient!

 Let’s say you are planning an event and need some fancy invites. You can go online, find a beautiful design, and print your invites within seconds! 

And that was just one example! The reasons why people love printables are endless, which is excellent for anyone interested in getting into this niche. 

You can sell your printable downloads as a side hustle for quick cash or scale it up to a full-time business. It’s entirely up to you!

How To Sell Printables Online

Selling printable downloads online is one of the few hustles you can get completely set up within a few minutes. Everything you need to start is just a few clicks away! 

Pick A Niche – Once you decided that you are ready to start making money with printables, you will have to decide what niche you want to specialize in. For example, you could be in the wedding/event printables niche.

That means you would only create things like party invites, menus, save the dates, etc. There are many niches concerning creating printables, so take your time and pick one you’ll have fun working on. 

Design Software – You’ll need some kick-ass design software to make attention-grabbing printables for your customers. If you are already an artsy kind of gal, you probably have Photoshop or Illustrator on your computer.

These are great tools to start to design your printables but have a bit of a learning curve for newbies. If you’re a newbie and are looking for an easy way to create your printables, I suggest using Canva

Here’s what I like about Canva’s software:  

Canva- Extremely easy to use! Canva is honestly my first choice for various reasons. They have thousands of templates to help you create your printables: different fonts, designs, and layouts to make your printables unique best sellers!

You can easily remove backgrounds from images, resize, and crop designs, seriously whatever you want. 

What I love most about Canva is that they offer a free and paid version.  

You can get started with the free version to test it out and get a feel for using the software.  You can do a free trial for 30 days to test out the pro version too!

Then once you’re ready to scale up your business, go for the paid version. The monthly cost is only $12.99, and that gives you full access to design your little heart away! 

That’s what I did, and three years later, I am still a Canvaholic!

Where To Sell Printables

You can sell printables in several places online. That includes your blog or website, freelance sales sites, and online marketplaces that allow you to sell your crafts like Etsy. 

Etsy is a fabulous place to get started selling printables. Etsy receives millions of monthly visitors, and a massive chunk of those visitors are looking for a specific kind of printable download! 

Another website that’s good for newbies is Fiverr. You can set up your prices for custom prints and charge based on what your customer wants you to create. 

You can also sell printables on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Anywhere your target customer is, is where you want to promote and sell your prints. 

Printable Ideas + Niches

As mentioned earlier in the article, a printable niche is crucial! It would be best if you had a theme for your printable business. Something to set you apart from all the rest! 

Here are a few printable niche ideas to get those creative juices flowing! 



– Restaurant/Travel






-Home decor 



– Pop Culture


– Games

Here are some ideas on the kind of printables you can create
  • Cards
  • worksheets
  • planners
  • workbooks
  • crossword puzzles
  • invitations
  • menus
  • coloring sheets 
  • grocery lists
  • recipes
  • signs
  • labels
  • wall decor 
  • flashcards 
  • Checklist 
  • Fill in The blanks

That’s it???

Yes ma’am! That’s it! Now that you’ve picked a niche, design software, and your Etsy store all set up, you are ready to make some sales! 

Promote your printable designs on social media, blogs, forums, and other social sites. 

Seling printable downloads are a fun and easy way to bring in a steady flow of extra cash.

Before you know it, you will make your first sale, and the rest will be creative, lucrative history! 


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