Companies That Pay You For Referrals!

Get Paid For Referrals!

Getting paid for referrals is a popular way to make money, requiring very little skill or effort.

Most organizations have referral programs that help you earn cash for directing people to their website or offers. 

No referral program is created equally. Depending on the program, your referral may have to make a purchase or sign up for an offer in order for you to get paid.

On the flip side, as long as you continue to bring people to that particular offer, you will continue to make money!

Folks can make a killing from referral programs every month. It’s all about choosing the right referral program to promote and how creative you are when it comes to promoting your offers.

Don’t worry, it’s incredibly easy to find referral programs, and it’s even easier to get referrals.

Here are some of our favorite referral programs that you can start today! – By far, one of the best paying referral programs out there. is a freelance recruiting website. Employers post open jobs in hopes of finding a recruiter to fill the position for them. The referral program pays you $1000 for every recruiter you refer to who successfully makes a placement. You can earn up to $10,000 just off referrals! Now that’s a boss ass referral program!

Slicethepie This website pays you to complete reviews of music, clothing, and more. They also have a pretty sweet referral program. Get friends to sign up using your referral link, have them complete a few reviews, and boom! You get paid! Every time your referral makes money, you make money! 

Doordash We know Doordash when it comes to ordering food from some of our favorite places. But did you know that they offer a fantastic referral program for new dashers? You’ll make $40 for every Dasher you refer to who works their first full week!

Survey Junkie– Infamously known for being one of the best sites to complete surveys for cash. Survey junkie’s affiliate program will pay you every time someone signs up under your referral link and completes a survey. You can earn big just by encouraging your friends to join! 

Swagbucks- Not your average survey site! You can get paid to watch videos, search online, and more. The referral program gives you $2.50 for every signup! Your referral also gets $5.00 for registering and can make up to $25 per completed survey. 

Text Royal- Text Royal is a content mill that pays beginners to write for their client’s blogs and websites. Text Royal’s affiliate program will pay you for every writer who starts working for them. You can also get paid for every business or blogger you refer who purchases an article from the site

Flexoffers– One of the best affiliate offer markets on the web. Promote several high paying companies to make a commission. FlexOffers referral program will pay you up to 50% of reoccurring commissions from your referral’s earnings.  

GlambotChanging the way you view your old and unwanted makeup! Glambot pays you to refer friends to buy or sell their unopened or gently used makeup. You’ll get a percentage for every sale! 

Postloop– Make cold hard cash by posting comments on blogs and forums. Postloop has an excellent referral program. You get paid 10% of whatever your referral makes for life!

Fiverr- This is a freelance website that connects content creators and small businesses to various freelance workers. If you refer a friend to either buy or sell services, you get a $5 credit. 

ZulilyZulily gives you credits known as “Zulily Credits” for every successful referral that you make. Like any other referral platform, this one also gives you a commission every time a person signs up on Zulily and makes a purchase through your personalized referral link. You can use your Zulily credits to buy anything on the website with shipping included.

Rakuten– Formally Ebates, Rakuten has a specific threshold that allows you to earn a commission. Only a purchase above or equal to this threshold will get you any earning whatsoever.

Generally, on a successful purchase through your referral, you get a $15 bonus and check for all of your earnings quarterly. This action also takes place if you meet a specific payout minimum. Because of these restrictions and limitations, a lot of people tend to be intimidated by the platform.

However, as you get the platform’s gist, things start to run smoothly, and you can make a generous amount of money through Rakuten.

Shopkick -Shopkick is a downloadable application, and this referral program pays you for referrals. This platform works with the concept of Kicks. For every Shopkick referral that you make, you get 250 kicks. You are meant to go into stores, take actions, but not necessarily make a purchase.

Then, you receive kicks that you can later redeem as gift cards. It is one of the simplest platforms, and the easiest way you can use to get gift cards and all you have to do is walk into stores and stay active.

Groupon-This platform is easy and straightforward! You get your personalized referral link and post it on your online platforms or share it with friends and family.

Then, on every sign-up and successful purchase through your referral, you get $10 Groupon Bucks that you can redeem to buy something off the platform. Pretty simple and straightforward, right?

You can also avail of several discounts, deals, and special offers. The best part about Groupon is that it supports local markets and helps local businesses grow by giving them a broad platform to showcase their products and services.

InstaGCThis particular platform is fun because you get points for yourself on every successful sign up via your link, and you also get 10% of all the earnings that your referral-recipient earns. This commissioning does not include the bonuses.

You can then redeem your InstaGC points in the form of gift cards.InstaGC has a similar concept to Swagbucks in terms of earning points through videos and taking surveys. However, InstaGC is a bit more complex to understand and navigate than the latter.

Ibotta– Ibotta is an application, and this referral program pays you for referrals. You can use it to make and save money for groceries, shopping, and other tasks. The platform is straightforward to use.

You can find offers by completing easy tasks, buying the products you want, getting a receipt, and redeem fun offers. For every individual that signs up using your personalized referral link, you get $5 cash.

Plus, the customer receives a $10 welcome bonus as well. Additionally, this platform offers rewards and incentives all through the year to keep it exciting for the referral-makers and the customers.

It saves both your and your friend’s money, Ibotta makes a fun Win-Win situation for both of you.

Erin Condren -Erin Condren is a fun and straightforward website that offers products related to organizational items, stationary, and planners.

By generating a personalized referral link and sharing it with your friends and family on your blog or social media, you can earn $10 for every individual who purchases your link within the 30 days of posting it.

Plus, this particular person will get a $10-off coupon for the first purchase that they make. The credit that you get applies to any item on the site that you want to purchase for yourself, shipping included.

Stitch Fix -You can reportedly earn up to $25 on every click that you get on your referral link, resulting in a sign-up. The best part is that your referral recipient does not have to purchase to earn a commission.

They simply have to sign up, and Stitch Fix sends them a fix. You can utilize your credit to buy the platform. From kids fashion to men’s clothing and female wardrobe, Stitch Fox has something for everybody.

You can also take a fun style quiz on the website to understand your styling type.

My Reader Rewards– Every time a person signs up via your link, My Reader Rewards gives you 10 points. You also get free points to take and fill surveys and other such tasks.

The platform keeps changing the books that it offers to maintain versatility and diversity. You can then make purchases through these points that you earn.

The people who like to read books and are passionate about all sorts of different genres, this platform is an excellent opportunity to receive free products and a free way to pursue a healthy hobby.

Vital Card– This latest credit card offers 1% cashback on all purchases. Plus, you get an additional cashback for every referral you make, down to 3 referral levels.

It means that you get a commission on the referral your reference makes and two more tiers down the line. Through this platform, you can generate approximately $8 every month for every individual that you refer to.

You can also make 4 dollars a month for every referral that your referral makes. Lastly, you get 2 dollars a month for the referral that this secondary referral makes.

Mannabase -Launched in 2015, Mannabase revolves around cryptocurrency, similar to the concept of bitcoin, and has already achieved several milestones.

The platform allows you to earn and learn a Universal basic income. Your first step is to sign up. Doing this will instantly get you a free monthly Manna subscription.

These Mannas are your “coins.” If you make a referral to your friend, you automatically receive 50% additional Mannas.

These Mannas have a value ranging from $5 to $50, and the full procedure is entirely free for you and the referral-recipient.

Robin hood -Robin hood is an investing platform that gives you one share of stock every time you add funds and one more every referral that you make.

These stocks are random and include Google, Starbucks, Apple, etc. A majority of these stocks are worth more than $500 to $700 on average.

Keep in mind that you have to be a member of the platform to avail of these services and facilities. Sign up to Robin hood, make use of the refer-a-friend option, and start earning good money.

Be Frugal– Developed in 2009 in Boston, USA, this particular platform is one of the highest -paying ones. If the referral-recipient purchases through the portal for more than $25, you can earn up to $15. Plus, your friend who made the purchase, can win $10 as well.

You also get 40% cashback on purchasing at more than 50,000 stores, including Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Macy’s, and many others. Plus, you can redeem your payout through PayPal, gift cards, Venmo, Direct deposit, and Check.

Keep in mind that this platform does not offer any rewards or bonus points. You can contact them and avail of customer support through email and live chat services.

ExtraBuxLaunched in 2006, Extra Bux is an excellent website if you want to make a decent amount of earnings by recommending products and services to your friends.

You can earn $5 on every referral and an additional 5% of your friend’s profits for life. However, the most exciting perk of this website is that even your friend receives $5 in return for purchasing through the site.

Other website features include fast performance, reliable customer service, hundreds and thousands of coupons, and 30% cashback on all purchases for over 10,000 stores. -Split is an application that enables you to recommend a product to your friends. If your friend makes a purchase based on your recommendation, you get your promised commission.

What’s more, it allows its users to split their commissions between friends and themselves.

This feature gives you a sale, and your friend a reason to purchase, creating a win-win situation for everybody. You can generally find $5 as a sign-up gift, and you can make $2 for every referral.

Survey Savvy Unquestionably you have come across ads and offers that revolve around earning money through filling out surveys.

While it may seem sketchy and ridiculous at first, several authentic and genuine platforms provide hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Survey Savvy is one of them. But apart from paying for the surveys, this platform also pays you up to $15 for referrals.

Plus, for every referral that your reference makes (second-tier referrals), you can earn up to 6 dollars.

However, Survey Savvy does not operate worldwide and has a particular field of accessibility. Ensure you live in one of the areas where they serve before you move ahead with this option.

Do you have a favorite referral program? Let us know in the comments!

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