Best Remote Call Centers – HIRING RIGHT NOW!

Working from home is an ideal modern job situation for millions of people, and hell, why shouldn’t it be? It’s convenient, gives more freedom, and pays well (for the most part).

Work from home call center jobs is probably one of the most sought after remote jobs. They’re easy to land, the pay is fair and most give you the freedom to create your own schedule.

As attractive as this lifestyle is, finding the perfect remote call center job isn’t easy. Competition between job seekers is steep and finding a company to work for that has everything you’re looking for is even tougher.

Until now that is! We have compiled a powerful list of the best work from home call centers that have job opportunities available right now!

Go through this list, visit their website, and see which job suits your personal preferences and requirements. These remote call centers hire non-stop and are always looking for new CSR royalty!

Go get’em Babes!


Concentrix is an American media company that has offered business services since 2006. The company is based in California and employs a total of 90,000 people worldwide.

Their work includes a huge variety of niches, including retail, insurance, healthcare, energy, e-commerce, transportation, and many more.

Concentrix pay for their remote workers ranges anywhere from $13-17/hr depending on the role you are hired for.

The platform offers a vast number of job opportunities worldwide. These jobs include mainly transformative client services, especially for bilingual individuals, and all of these jobs are work-from-home.

If you have strong communication skills and excellent customer service capabilities, you are pretty much eligible for the job. Other positions include full-time, part-time, seasonal, and temporary jobs as well.

Concentrix Pros + Cons

Pro: They provide shift work, which makes it a popular platform in the global workplace.

Pro: The work environment is very friendly.

Pro: The company prioritizes its employees.

Con: You don’t get a lot of off days or leaves.

Con: The rules and regulations are very strict.


Ever heard of a call center that is not precisely a call center? Liveops claims it is just that. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Liveops is a private, innovative cloud call center company founded in 2000 and run by Greg Hanover, the CEO.

Liveops is currently competing with some of the top call center companies globally and has excellent opportunities for remote call service professionals.

Over 20,000 people are a part of the Liveops team, and they work remotely. The company’s specializations include travel, Hi-Tech, healthcare, insurance companies, roadside assistance, retail, and finance.

You can find both part-time as well as full-time jobs for US residents. Generally, an employee at Liveops can make 25 cents on every minute of call time. You also get occasional bonuses and other employee perks as well.

Liveops Pros + Cons

Pro: Company support is excellent.

Pro: The platform offers a variety of work.

Pro: The schedules are very flexible.

Pro: The team is overall friendly.

Con: The pay is inconsistent since the payment criteria are the talk time, and there is a lack of call volume.

Con: The training period is entirely unpaid.


There is no doubt that Amazon is high on the list of leading online business platforms. But did you know that this multi-million dollar company also provides work from home opportunities for call center service providers?

Believe it or not, based in Seattle, Amazon employs more than 90000 employees around the globe. Thus, it is the biggest online retailer in the world right now.

Even though most of the jobs are full-time, you can find some remote opportunities as well. The positions available are associated with human resources, operations, support engineering, customer service, advertising, business development, and many.

According to some sources, the hourly pay of an Amazon employee is around 15-17 an hour for remote employees.

Naturally, there is a lot of competition to get a job on this platform. If you have the skills and education that the position requires, you should give it a try.

Amazon Pros + Cons

Pro: The work environment is comfortable, safe, and friendly.

Pro: The company’s values and good work culture make it a very comfortable place to work.

Pro: The management prioritizes your opinions and advice.

Pro: There are plenty of employee benefits.

Pro: The salary is top tier compared to other remote opportunities.

Con: You sometimes need to give long hours.

Con: Since Amazon is a big company, it can take some time to find the relevant information.

United Healthcare

Even though medical jobs are mostly hands-on related and require live examination, customer service, and real-time communication is also sometimes necessary and even beneficial to guide someone who needs help.

United healthcare is such a platform and offers work from home opportunities to medical students and professionals. More than a thousand people are working for this managed care company that provides insurance services and manufactures healthcare products.

The platform employs up to 2400,000 and offers more than 100 different job positions that include clinical care, customer service, and plenty more options.

The job involves phone and online consultations, provision of clinical information, and direction of incoming calls to the direct care services.

On average, a United healthcare remote employee roughly earns up to $18.51 hourly.

This payment can increase or decrease depending on your job demands, experience level, and certain factors.

Overall, United Healthcare is providing care services for its consumers and job opportunities to medical professionals around the world.

United Healthcare Pros + Cons

Pro: The platform gives you plenty of opportunities to grow.

Pro: The pay rate is very generous.

Con: You need to have the basic medical knowledge to be eligible for a job in United Healthcare.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions is founded in 1996 to offer customer service, support, sales, and other business growth facilities. Plus, the company is also a top leading platform offering work from home job opportunities.

The company is originally based in Dallas, Texas, and provides sales agents and home-based customer services for those who need it. Working Solutions currently employs more than 110,000 contractors and has hundreds of representatives from all over the United States.

The job opportunities are freelance, part-time, full-time, and conveniently, remote.

These positions include senior living customer care, customer service representatives, customer service representatives, and seasonal customer service agents.

Your income may vary from approximately 10 to 22 dollars an hour, depending on your personal experience, knowledge, and job position.

Working Solution Pros + Cons

Pro: Working solutions have a great support system for their employees.

Pro: The communication level is incredible.

Pro: Management is hardworking, helpful, and friendly.

Pro: You get consistent feedback on your performance, which helps you improve.

Con: Scheduling is quite average and messy.

Pro: You don’t receive health benefits from the job.


TTEC, a company for business process outsourcing, was founded in 1982 and is based in Englewood, Colorado.

The company provides services in 24 countries globally and gives work from home opportunities to hundreds of people worldwide.

These opportunities are for customer service professionals, veterans, students, and consultants. Currently, TTEC has a team of over 20,000 remote employees who are working from home.

As a customer care provider, you can help and guide customers via social media, live chat, and phone communication. Thus, it is evident that you’ll need a good internet connection and a reliable home phone.

Typically, TTEC offers its work from home employees approximately $9 to $13 an hour.

The only condition is you must be a minimum of 17 years old, have a general equivalency diploma or a high school diploma, plus reliable and wire-connected access to the internet.

Positions that are currently open are customer service representatives, bilingual customer service representatives, and business sales representatives.

These jobs are available for residents of Canada and the US, and once you pass, the company sends you proprietary technology to allow you secure access to applications.

TTEC Pros + Cons

Pro: The working environment is excellent.

Pro: There is excellent communication between employers and employees.

Pro: The pay scale is excellent for work demands.

Pro: The training quality is excellent.

Pro: The platform has excellent work opportunities.

Con: There is a chance of involuntary overtime.

Con: IT and management support can prove to be incompetent sometimes.

Kelly Services

With more than 10,000 employees and approximately 500,000 users worldwide, Kelly services have a revenue of 5 to 10 billion dollars a year.

If you are curious to know what they do and earn so much, they are a staffing and outsourcing industry with the headquarters in Troy, MI.

Kelly Services offer both temporary and permanent positions and provide companies with staff for all requirements and levels. Their specializations include automotive, information technology, finance, life sciences, call centers, engineering, and much more.

Generally, Kelly services pay an employer $10 to 24 dollars an hour, depending on the job position and personal knowledge and experience.

Kelly Service Pros + Cons

Pro: You get weekly payment.

Pro: The employers are very straightforward with you about their needs and requirements.

Pro: The interview questions are pretty basic.

Pro: The opportunities are high, and it is relatively easy to get hired.

Con:You don’t get any benefits for a year.

Babe, You Totally Got This!

Finding the perfect remote job is much easier when you have the right options to start.

Hopefully, the list of best work from home call centers above will give you a kickstart and point you in the right direction.

Oh and here’s a tip: applying to more than one job is always a good idea since doing so boosts your chances of receiving a response and eventually getting hired!

So, don’t hesitate to apply for difference positions with multiple companies. Now go get the job, sis!


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