Uscreen is NOW HIRING!

You heard me, babes! Uscreen is hiring for multiple remote positions! These jobs are sizzling hot (cue fire emojis) and, I just had to put you guys on to this company.

So, if you’ve been on a hunt for a new remote opportunity, then you definitely want to check this out!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Uscreen, they’re a video monetization platform that allows creators from any industry to launch profitable video subscription services and sell their videos online.

For example, if you’re a fitness trainer and want to start selling your workout videos on a subscription basis this platform would be awesome for you.

Unlike, sites like Youtube, as a content creator on Uscreen, you can instantly start monetize your videos and begin earning immediately. Pretty cool, huh?

Uscreen Open Remote Positions

Currently, Uscreen is hiring for various remote positions across the board. Here’s a few:

Internet Researcher- We are looking for an individual who will help us with research, data collection, and outreach.

Technical Support- This is a customer-facing role that will predominantly focus on basic support, like providing links to our help guides for a variety of questions, to helping end-users directly when they need to cancel, are seeking a refund, or can’t access videos on their device.

Recruiter- As a recruiter, you will be responsible for all stages of the recruitment process. Including, but not limited to: posting positions, proactive virtual recruiting, candidate screening, and conducting first-round interviews.

Whew! That’s just to name a few!

As for the pay-rate for these jobs, it varies by position. Uscreen is one of the best paying remote-based companies around. That makes it even better for potential remote job seekers looking for a legit remote gig that will actually pay the bills.

The hiring process for Uscreen is pretty straight forward. Once you complete your application, the Uscreen team will review to see if you are a good fit.

If they decide to move forward with your application, you’ll receive a request to record a quick video introducing yourself and answering some questions related to your expertise.

Once Uscreen deems you worthy to move on to the next step, you’ll get an email requesting a phone or video interview with one of their recruiters. From there you may even be asked to complete an assessment test to assess your skills and work capability.

Babes, it’s always a good sign if they ask you to complete an assessment test because not everyone who applies gets that chance.

If you successfully make it through those steps, then do a little happy dance because your official job offer will be on the way!


Ready To Apply?

Hell yes, you are! Uscreen is on the rise and they’re looking for talented folks, like you!

This is one of those companies that you always want to keep in your back pocket while you are on your remote job search.

Why? Well, because Uscreen is always looking for remote workers, they have great company culture and they’re hiring like crazy right now! Need I say more?

Good luck babes! Be sure to tell em’ The Pink Piggy Bank sent you!

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