Remote Jobs That Send You Equipment!

Girl, right now, it seems like everyone and their mamas are searching for jobs that they can do remotely.

I mean, who can blame them, though? Working from home beats the hell out of being required to report to a germ-infested office every day.


While remote jobs give you the comfort of working from home and the ability to work without being micromanaged, the notable ones can be hard to find.

Many companies seem to offer remote jobs, but a number of them turn out to be scams.

Another issue that arises is that many people looking for work from home jobs lack the proper equipment to work remotely.

Meaning laptops, phone systems, headsets, etc. These items are pretty crucial when it comes to working from home. Without these items, you can pretty much hang it up when it comes to landing a remote job.

The good thing is there are companies who will literally send you all the equipment you need to work for them! So now the question becomes, where the hell are these employers and how do I get hired!?

Luckily, we’ve got you covered! On this list, you’ll find the best legit work from home companies that send equipment to all their remote new hires!


No matter who you are, you can enjoy the benefits of a full-time remote job along with the equipment needed to do the work! Assuming your skills are on point, of course.

You will be getting health insurance, vacations, paid off time, retirement plans, and even business retreats with most of the companies on this list. Now, that’s what I call bomb ass benefits.

Be sure to carefully look through these picks and find the right ones according to your skills and experience. Then apply your lovely little heart away!

Top 10 Remote Jobs That Provide Equipment!

Articulate provides e-learning development by furnishing people with online courses. People worldwide have gained insight, learned new skills, and received cross-training with Articulate.

After having a tiring productive year, you will get the opportunity to relax with your teammates at annual retreats in luxury resorts. Along with that, you will be getting:

Home office equipment
Health insurance
Supplemental insurance
Flexible work timings
$100 per month as of wellness benefit

Articulate’s Job Openings
They are hiring people for several positions. If you any experience in the following, you should apply right away:

Content Writer
Customer Success Support Specialist
Director of Product Research
Engineering Manager
Full-stack Software Engineer
Product Designer
Senior Executive Assistant

Zapier is one of those genuine companies that provide thousands of people with remote jobs each year. It helps automate business apps and connects brands. This company has a lot to offer to its employees.

You will get a complete computer and software setup.
You can work from anywhere.
They have an unlimited vacation policy.
Excellent healthcare and retirement plans
Profit-sharing and much more.

Zapier’s Job Openings
You will see various jobs in the following fields:

Customer Support
Decision Science and analytics
Learning and Development
Recruiting and Partnerships.

Buffer is a team that helps companies to grow their businesses. Buffer is a remote team working in almost 15 countries worldwide, hiring people from all walks of life.


$500 to set up a home office.
Your salary will be determined according to your cost of living.
Health insurance
Family leave, profit sharing, and company retreats.

Buffer’s Job Openings
Currently, Buffer is hiring for:

Fullstack Engineer
Engineering Manager
DevOps Engineer
Fullstack Product Engineer

Buffer focuses on the comfort and happiness of its employees. You will get to experience a lot by working with teammates from all over the world.

Collage is a company that sells a variety of photo books, photo blankets, pillows, canvases, and much more. This company aims to make the creation of custom products convenient for everyone.


You will get home internet reimbursement.
You’ll get paid for traveling to meetings and conferences.
You will get health, vision, and dental insurance for yourself and your family.’s Job Openings
Several positions in the Engineering and Product Team departments are open for working remotely. Some of them include:

Lead Software Engineer
Senior full-Full-stack software Engineer
Senior front-end software Engineer.
Senior Product Designer
Senior Technical Product Manager
VP of product
Site Reliability Engineer

Formstack is essentially on a mission to bring up practical solutions, making everyone’s daily life easy. They empower everyone to create documents quickly, build custom forms, and much more.

While you are working with Formstack remotely to grow your career, you will benefit from several perks. Some of which includes:

You will gain $100 per month to set up your home office.
You will receive coaching services and conferences for better learning.
They also provide you with dental, vision, disability, and life insurance.
You can enjoy vacations and flex hours.
You will also be invited to annual company retreats.

Formstack’s Job Openings
Product Design
Human Resources
Product Marketing
Customer Services

10up is a great company that provides tools and customized websites for content creators. They provide the creators with products, which makes digital services, business management, and marketing really easy.


Allowance of equipment needed for the job.
Getting paid parental leave.
Flexible working hours.
Paid holidays and off time.
Provision of life, health, and dental insurance.

10up’s Job Openings

Team Lead/Customer Service
Senior Web Engineer
Senior UI Engineer
Lead UX designer
Accounts Coordinator
Visual Designer
UX Designer

ReCharge is a company that aims at providing the leading businesses with launching and scaling a subscription business. This company has helped over 15,000 businesses get online payment solutions.


You will receive a competitive salary.
Equipment required to work from home.
You will get paid for off time.
Annual company retreats.
Health benefits for you and your family.

ReCharge Payment’s Job Opening:

Technical Team Support
Product Manager
Partner Manager
Customer Success
Account Manager
Software Engineer
Software Developer is a cloud storage business that allows you to upload and share files. It is a great solution for small businesses.


Health benefits, including dental, vision, and life insurance.
Paid Time Off
You can enjoy paid business trips with Files.
You will receive $1000 to set up your home office.
Employees also receive a company computer.
You will also get pay raises for hard work. Job Openings

Front-end Engineer
DevOps Engineer
UI and UX Web Designer
Back-end Engineer
Customer Success
Business Development

Wayfair is an e-commerce company that sells home furniture, decorative items, and much more.


Contribution to build up a home office.
Health insurance (imperative of them all).
Purchase discounts for employees.
Retirement plans.
Monthly bonus.

Wayfair’s Job Openings

Sales and services
Operations/Customer Service

Auth0 is a security company for web and mobile phones that hire people from all over the world by offering them remote jobs with great benefits. It is an authentication and authorization platform.


Computer and all necessary software
Safe and fair work environment
Flexible working timings

Auth0’s Job Openings

Sales/Customer Relations

**Bonus** More Jobs That Send You Equipment


The Wrap Up

Well, there you have it, Babes! If you’re seeking remote jobs that will send you equipment, this list will give you a major jumpstart! So, dust off your resume and show these companies why they need you on the team!

Happy job hunting, hotties!


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